Prince Giuseppe, Count of Asti

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Count of Asti
Giuseppe Benedetto of Savoy.jpg
Prince Giuseppe, Count of Asti.
Born 5 October 1766
Royal Palace of Turin, Turin
Died 29 October 1802(1802-10-29) (aged 36)
Palazzo Carcassona, Sardinia
Burial Cathedral of Alghero, Sardinia
Full name
Giuseppe Benedetto Maria Placido di Savoia
House House of Savoy
Father Victor Amadeus III
Mother Maria Antonia Ferdinanda of Spain

Giuseppe of Savoy (Giuseppe Benedetto Maria Placido; 5 October 1766 – 29 October 1802) was a prince of Savoy. He was styled the Count of Moriana from birth but was later created the Count of Asti.[1]


Prince Giuseppe born at the Royal Palace of Turin, he was styled the Count of Moriana from birth. He was the youngest child of Victor Amadeus of Savoy (then styled as the "Duke of Savoy") and his wife, Maria Antonia Ferdinanda of Spain. To escape the threat of Napoleon I, Montferrat fled to Sardinia with his brothers the Duke of Aosta and Charles Felix of Sardinia where the trio lived in the Palazzo Carcassona.[2]

In June 1799 his brother Charles Emmanuel IV created his brother Maurice, the Governor of the province of Sassari but he later died of malaria on the island in 1799.[3] At the death of Montferrat, Asti became governor of Sassari in his brother's place. Catching malaria in 1802, Asti died of the disease having had a fit of convulsions and was buried at the Cathedral of Alghero.[4] His other brother Genoa later became the viceroy of Sardinia.


Titles and styles[edit]

  • 13 December 1762 – 19 June 1796 His Royal Highness the Count of Moriana
  • 19 June 1796 – 29 October 1802 His Royal Highness the Count of Asti


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