Joseph Bernard de Chabert

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Portrait by Antoine Vestier.

Joseph Bernard, marquis de Chabert (28 February 1724, Toulon – 1 December 1805) was a French sailor, geographer and astronomer.

He marked himself out as a chef d'escadre during French involvement in the American War of Independence and was promoted to vice admiral in 1792. He was known above all for his scientific endeavours, notably in the rectification of naval charts of America's western coast and the coasts of the Mediterranean. He entered the Académie des sciences in 1758 and the Bureau des longitudes in 1803. In 1785, he was elected a foreign member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences.

Main work[edit]

  • Voyage fait par ordre du roi en 1750 et 1751 dans l'Amérique septentrionale, pour rectifier les cartes des côtes de l'Acadie, de l'Ile-Royale et de l'île de Terre-Neuve, et pour en fixer les principaux points par des observations astronomiques, par M. de Chabert (Voyage made by order of the king, in 1750 and 1751 to North America, to rectify the charts of the coasts of Acadia, Ile-Royale and the island of Newfoundland, and to fix its principal points by astronomical observations, by Mr de Chabert., 1753)


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