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Joseph Chirlee (born 14 February 1980)[nb] is an American long-distance runner born in Kenya. Chirlee emigrated to the US in 2006,[1] and became a US citizen in March 2010, but due to IAAF regulations was barred from international competition for two years after that.[2]

In 2007, Chirlee won the Naples Half Marathon. In 2010, Chirlee joined the United States Army as a member of its World Class Athlete Program,[3] where he attempted to compete in the 2011 United States Cross Country Championships, but was barred by USA Track & Field rules.

In 2012, Chirlee ran an Olympic-qualifying 10k time at Wageningen,[3] but he did not make the Olympic team, finishing 16th at the Olympic trials.[4]

Personal bests[edit]


  • nb Some sources list 1981 as his birthdate, although the IAAF lists 1980 and takes information from official passports.


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