Joseph Dennis (cricketer)

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Joseph Dennis (christened 6 January 1779; died 16 November 1831) was an English first-class cricketer who played for Nottingham Cricket Club from 1800 to 1829.


A batsman and occasional wicket-keeper, Dennis took part in seven first-class matches for Nottingham, mostly against Sheffield Cricket Club. He also played against Hampshire and, in 1826, he captained Nottingham against a combined Sheffield and Leicester team. At forty-seven, he was the oldest man on his side.

Dennis retired from cricket after the 1828 season because of failing vision, but he was a popular man and, in 1829, he gave in to public pressure and agreed to stage a two-match come-back.[citation needed]

Private life[edit]

Dennis was landlord of the Eclipse Inn at Chapel Bar in Nottingham and had a reputation for gambling: in 1815, he laid £120 on a local match and won.[citation needed]

On 16 November 1831, Dennis suffered a stroke while in the Bell Inn and was carried by its landlord, Mr Clarke, back to the Eclipse, where he died shortly afterwards, only a month after the death of his wife.[citation needed] Nottinghamshire author John Frost Sutton observed that "his name lived on in the memories of thousands".[citation needed]