Joseph Nathan (businessman)

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The historic Glaxo factory in Bunnythorpe, New Zealand 2012

Joseph Edward Nathan (1835–1912) was a New Zealand merchant, property developer, dairy manufacturer and exporter.[1] He emigrated to Australia for the gold rush but was physically not suitable for prospecting so instead started a company supplying miners with equipment they needed. He then went to New Zealand and in partnership with a Mr Joseph started a corner shop with the company name Joseph,Nathan and Co Ltd. Mr Joseph died within a year so the company continued to trade with the same name but with the removal of the comma, Joseph Nathan and Co Ltd. His main business became property development but he is best known for the most famous subsidiary of Joseph Nathan and Co Ltd namely Glaxo, originally a manufacturer of dried baby milk, founded in 1874. This business formed the basis today of one of the world's largest pharmaceutical companies GlaxoSmith Kline (GSK).