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Joseph Emery (June 2, 1833, Pennsylvania – January 18, 1924, Salinas, California) was an American academic and an acting president of Corvallis College, known today as Oregon State University.[1] He taught at Corvallis College from 1867 to 1885. [1]

Corvallis College[edit]

Joining the Corvallis College faculty in 1867, he taught mathematics, physics, geology, and physiology.[1] He was elected as the school's librarian in 1870.[2] Afterward, William Asa Finley, who had then served as Corvallis College's first president since 1865, resigned in June 1872, as a result of which Emery became an acting president of Corvallis College and the faculty head from May 5 to August 30, 1872.[1] Benjamin Lee Arnold succeeded Emery's presidency in September, 1872. Despite the short period of his incumbency, as a president he submitted the first biennial report of Corvallis College to the Governor of Oregon.[1]

In 1885, Emery left Corvallis to become an agent for the U.S. Indian Agency at Klamath.[1]