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Joseph Francis Dinneen (1897–1964) dean of New England crime reporters at The Boston Globe was an American writer . He has been credited to 6 books and has had 2 films based on his stories and 1 film based on his articles.


  • Yankee Fighter: The Story of an American in the Free French Foreign Legion (1943), co-authored with John F. "Jack" Hasey.
  • The Purple Shamrock (1949), was a biography of James Michael Curley.
  • Underworld U.S.A (1956), author chronicles how a syndicate grew from a localized entity to a national organization. The story of a growth of a criminal empire.
  • "Ward Eight" (1936),
  • "The Anatomy of a Crime" (1954), early book on Great Brink's robbery
  • "The Great Brinks Holdup"(1961), co-authored with Sid Feder


  • "Six Bridges to Cross" (story "They Stole $25,000,000 - And Got Away with It")
  • "Let Us Live" (story "Murder in Massachusetts")"
  • "Underworld, U.S.A."