Joseph Fire Crow

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Joseph Fire Crow
Occupation(s) Flautist
Years active 1992-present
Associated acts Billings Symphony Orchestra

Joseph Fire Crow is a Cheyenne flutist. He has been releasing albums since 1992. His album Cheyenne Nation was nominated for a Grammy in 2001.[1][2] Fire Crow has appeared many times as a guest musician on recordings by other musicians in the industry.[citation needed]

In addition to his Grammy nomination, Fire Crow has earned top honors among his peers in the Native American Music Awards (NAMA) organization. In 2003, he received the NAMA "Song Writer of the Year" award for Legend of the Warrior. In 2005, Fire Crow was recognized for his work with the Billings Symphony, taking home the NAMA award for "Best Instrumental Recording." He was the 2006 recipient of NAMA's "Flutist of the Year" award for his work on Red Beads.[3]

Some of Fire Crow's music is included on the soundtrack of the Ken Burns documentary Lewis and Clark: The Journey of the Corps of Discovery.[4]



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