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Joseph Gabel (12 July 1912 in Hungary – 15 June 2004 in Paris) was a French Hungarian-born sociologist and philosopher. His work was always strongly influenced by Marxism; he was against Stalinism and critical of the work of Louis Althusser.

He first studied Psychopathology with Eugène Minkowski,[1] then he turned to Sociology (he was mainly influenced by Karl Mannheim and Georg Lukács). He taught at the Mohammed-V University of Rabat from 1965 to 1971, and at Amiens University from 1971 to 1980.

In 1962, he published his most important work: False Consciousness: An Essay on Reification. From the standpoint of psychopathology, this study works to synthesize Marxist notions of "False Consciousness" and reification with the study of Schizophrenia.[1] In the following years, Gabel's works stressed the analysis of ideologies and marxist theory of alienation (The Sociology of Alienation, 1971; Idéologies 1974 - 1978; Alienation Today, 1974). Gabel also wrote the articles "Utopia" and "Ideology" in the Encyclopedia Universalis and he was one of the only French specialists on Karl Mannheim.

Publications in French[edit]

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  • (in French)"Racisme et Aliénation,” in Praxis International, Vol. II, No. 4, January, 1983.

Publications in English[edit]

  • False consciousness : an essay on reification. Translated from the French by Margaret A. Thompson with the assistance of Kenneth A. Thompson ; introduction by Kenneth A. Thompson. Oxford : Blackwell, 1975.
  • Karl Mannheim and Hungarian Marxism. Translated by William M. Stein and James McCrate. New Brunswick, N.J.: Transaction Publishers, c1991.
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