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Joseph Hayat
Member of Youth Parliament
In office
1 March 2010 – 29 February 2012
Constituency Sleaford & North Hykeham
Majority 892 (20%)
Personal details
Born (1993-04-19) 19 April 1993 (age 24)
Peterborough, UK
Nationality British
Political party Labour
Spouse(s) Salma Hayat
Residence United Kingdom

Joseph Hayat (born 19 April 1993) is a British entrepreneur, journalist, television producer and politician. From 2010 to 2012 he was the Member of Youth Parliament for Sleaford and North Hykeham.

Personal life[edit]

Hayat was born in Peterborough, UK.[1] He is married to Salma Hayat whom both reside in Chigwell, Essex, United Kingdom.[2]

Hayat's first political speech was given in September 2010 when the Speakers' Corner Trust invited him to speak with former Labour MP cabinet minister Tony Benn in Lincoln, UK.[3]


Hayat was educated at Lincoln Minster School where he obtained nine GCSE’s. Aged fifteen he undertook his high school work experience airside at London's Heathrow Airport with Dnata UK ground handling.[4] He is a former pupil of Sleaford Joint Sixth Form where he studied A-levels in Business, Geography and Travel & Tourism.[5]

Hayat is a former Government & Economics student of De Montfort University and a Politics & International Relations student of the London School of Economics.[6]


Hayat is a student pilot undertaking PPL flight training at North Weald Airfield.[7] In August 2015 he Tweeted updates about a cross country flight throughout the UK originating from RAF Barkston Heath in a Cessna owned by Cloud Global Ltd which appeared to be piloted by former business partner Callum Hives.[8][9]

In quarter one of 2017, Hayat was reported to have 'gained his wings' having solo piloted a Cessna aircraft for the first time.[10]


Hayat features in Blessing Maregere's book Who said you can't be young and successful? as a case study example in the book written to inspire, educate and motivate young people to become successful entrepreneurs published in 2011. In the book it is revealed Hayat's first car was a BMW 6 Series.

The Mail Online featured a photo of Hayat's car in the Fall of 2016 which was listed as a W220 Mercedes S-Class, S500L with a private registration that was blanked out.[11]

In 2016 the couple won a judicial tribunal against Newham Council over a penalty charge notice and the subsequent removal of their vehicle or 13 August outside Waterfront Studios. The outcome of the tribunal received national media coverage as the Hayat's produced CCTV footage which led to the adjudicator ruling that "I have found Mr Hayat to be a very honest witness and I accept his evidence. Disturbingly, Mr Hayat also submits CCTV footage which appears to show the CEO doing something to the notice at 9.08am. I can reach only one conclusion which is that the notice was altered after the car was parked."[12] Hayat described it to The Mirror as "corruption that has no place in society and it’s not acceptable."[13]

On Thursday March 23, 2017 thieves stole a laptop bag and flight bag from a vehicle owned by Hayat whilst parked in Barkingside, East London. Citing a sophisticated method of theft used by the criminals, Hayat suspected it to be “a professional criminal operation or an illegal attempt to interfere and disrupt my work.” The flight bag was discarded and later recovered by a dog walker.[14]


In 2010, Hayat was one of three teenagers in the UK to be nominated for the Teen Entrepreneur Award at the first ever BBC Radio 1 Teen Awards.[15]

In 2011, Hayat was awarded the young achievers award at the North Kesteven Community Awards for his service to the Lincolnshire Youth Cabinet and UK Youth Parliament.[16]

In March 2012 it was revealed that Hayat was selected to be one of the eight thousand people in the UK to be a torchbearer of the Olympic Flame for the London 2012 Olympics.[17]

Member of Youth Parliament[edit]

Hayat served as the Member of Youth Parliament (MYP) for Sleaford & North Hykeham from March 2010 until March 2012.[5] His campaign won him the chance to serve the Sleaford & North Hykeham constituency after obtaining 20% (892) of the votes.[18][19]

In Spring 2010, Hayat organised a non alcoholic event at Rehab in Sleaford to showcase local young talent and "get young people off the streets and to show them alcohol is not needed to enjoy a night out"[20][21] It was reported as a paid event, although the beneficiary of such funds is unknown. Hayat was later one of the organisers behind Lincolnshire’s first ever young person’s free festival 'LinX’s Festival' hosted in July 2010.[22]

One significant issue affecting young people during Hayat's term was that of the rise in university tuition fees. Whilst Hayat opposed the rise, he openly condemned the student protests stating 'they were counter-productive, as the hijacking of them gave a horrendous, unfair and unjust misrepresentation of the majority of young people in the UK.'[23] In response, Hayat later attended the coalition governments first 'Positive for Youth Summit' where the then Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg was present to lobby youth policy and press the issue of positive representation of young people in the UK.


Following UK Youth Parliaments annual sitting in the House of Commons in October 2010, Hayat launched his regional transport campaign pledging for affordable travel for young people after he claimed rising youth unemployment in Lincolnshire was stricken by the expense of local public transport.[24] This resulted in a transport solutions conference where Stagecoach East Mildands agreed to sandardise their adult fare threshold to sixteen years of age across the county.[25]

Having campaigned for greater sex and relationship education, Hayat met Tim Loughton, the then Minister for Children and Families in February 2011.[26] Following the meeting Hayat 'declared war on Britain's pimps', pledging to create awareness of child sexual exploitation amongst young people through social media after the Minister appointed Hayat to his 'Child Sexual Exploitation steering group' as a voluntary adviser.[27]

National & International representation[edit]

In November 2011, Hayat spoke for the last time in the House as MYP at the UK Youth Parliaments annual sitting in the House of Commons where he was introduced to Ed Miliband. Hayat spoke during the Child Poverty debate where he delivered a back bench speech in support of fellow MYP for Leicester South Mu-hamid Pathan who proposed the motion as debate lead.[28]

In January 2012, Hayat was invited by fellow MYP Pathan to attend the United States national annual 'Youth Bike Summit!’ in New York, to observe and share practices in youth advocacy and participation and present a keynote guest speech to delegates at the New School University, New York.[29]

Charity & Social Action[edit]

Following his term as an MYP, Hayat provided consultancy to Lincolnshire County Council resulting in the launch of 'Brilliant Lincolnshire Young Traders' in November 2011.[30]

In February 2012 Hayat was a youth ambassador of iGen3 Live a conference which promoted positive solutions to youth unemployment.[31]

In May 2013, it was revealed that Hayat (referred to as 'Yusuf') had been appointed as Deputy Executive Director of the international youth empowerment organisation and consultancy, The Youth Company based in Doha, Qatar.[32] After six months in such post, Hayat left the organisation. It is unclear if this related to the organizations reduced presence in Qatar and eventual relocation to Montreal, Canada where it is registered as 'The Youth Company International' - a not for profit corporation with Mohamed Mamdouh Farid as the sole Director.[33]

From January 2016 until December 2016, Hayat voluntarily was the Director of International Development for the charity, the World Youth Organization. He quote 'spearheaded expansion of the charity into Morocco and the United Arab Emirates. This included introducing WYO to local strategic partners as well as facilitating introductory events.'[34]

Media career[edit]

Channel 4[edit]

In July 2011 it was revealed that Hayat was to appear, alongside Hafsah Ali, in the third series of the TV series Battlefront. The Channel 4 educational production encouraged young people to 'engage with the serious issues that matter to them' through being filmed campaigning as well as presenting digital content. Ali and Hayat’s campaign 'Ready for Work' was centred around youth unemployment.[35][36][37][38] In October 2011, Hayat & Ali took the campaign to Westminster with a group of NEET's alongside Ms Dynamite and Charlie Simpson to raise awareness of the issue. They met with the then Employment Minister Chris Grayling to discuss their pledge to get a thousand new businesses to take on young people by 2012. The Minister agreed to support the campaign by getting Jobcentre Plus to work with Joseph and Hafsah to get 1,000 young people back into work.[39] The proposal helped to shape the then Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg’s 'Youth Contract' and the duo's campaign efforts were later praised by Leicester South MP Jon Ashworth[40] as well as the then Prime Minister David Cameron.[41]

Russia Today[edit]

Further to featuring on Channel 4's Battlefront, in 2014 Hayat co-hosted episodes 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 48, 49 and 50 of Sputnik in place of Putri Gayatri Pertiwi broadcast from London broadcast on Russia Today.

In 2016, Hayat returned as the lead anchor for episode 117 broadcast on 26 March standing in for George Galloway who was unable to present due to Ofcom legislation effective during the election period.

Islam Channel[edit]

From February 2015 to September 2015 Hayat worked with London-based, global satellite channel the Islam Channel as a 'Producer & Presenter'.[42]

It remains unknown as to the reason for Hayat's disaffiliation from the channel. However, on 10 May 2016 a newspaper making reference to a recent production by Hayat quoted him stating "what completely took me a back was how one broadcaster I pitched to, declined solely on the basis that “it is too dangerous”. The idea an individual who was previously on an INTERPOL watchlist and whom is described by the NewStatesman as a ‘dissident’ could utter such belief made me question"[43] which could be perceived as a reference to the CEO and Founder of Islam Channel, Mohamed Ali Harrath who was placed on an Interpol Red Notice in 1992 until the late 2000s.[44]

British Muslim TV[edit]

In September 2015 Hayat joined British Muslim TV as a 'Senior Producer & Presenter'.[45]

In March 2016 Hayat traveled to Iraq to film under the invitation of Baroness Emma Nicholson, Chairman of the AMAR Foundation. The concept of the six part series Hayat in Iraq was ‘to show the natural beauty of Iraq, its humanitarian needs and to demonstrate how ordinary Brits like you and I can take constructive actions to come to the aid of the Iraqi people.’[46] The shoot required ‘extensive administrative preparation’ with Hayat meeting with the KRG’s High Representative to the UK, Karwan Jamal Tahir as well as liaising with SO15 – The Metropolitan Police’s Counter Terrorism Command. Working together with AMAR, Hayat secured a world exclusive interview with the Yazidi, multiple rape victim Nihad Barakat at Khanke Camp, Northern Iraq. During the interview Nihad named Australian Jihadi Abdul Salam Mahmoud as one the perpetrators. As well as making references to senior ISIL commander Abu Diab and the infamous British Jihadi Siddhartha Dhar.[47] In a newspaper feature on his return to Britain, Hayat stated that “it is my personal opinion that ISIL are undisputedly paedophilic as well as terrorists.”[48]

In February 2017 following the filming of Hayat in Trump’s America a documentary evaluating “the influence of media”, “diversity” and “economic prosperity” in the United States, during an interview with British newspaper the Lincolnshire Echo Hayat described the Trump supporters he met as “down to earth.” As part of the program Hayat attended the Inauguration Ceremony of President Trump and interviewed contributors including the likes of Abby Martin, Doris Meissner as well as the leader of the National Socialist Movement, Jeoff Schoep.[49]

Year Production Editions Role Notes
2016 Hayat in Iraq 6 Episodes Series Producer & Presenter Documentary series on life in northern Iraq focusing on IDP's.[50]
2016 The Interns 12 Episodes Series Producer & Narration Reality TV series that followed 10 contestants who competed to undertake humanitarian work in Gambia.[51]
2016 The Daily Show with Joseph & Salma 60 Episodes Series Producer & Co-Host An evening, magazine lifestyle show recorded in London and presented by the husband and wife duo. [52]
2016 Hayat in The Jungle Single Producer & Presenter Documentary on the Calais Jungle.[53]
2016 Hayat in Trump’s America Single Producer & Presenter Documentary on the Election of President Trump, the state of US media and life for Muslims in America.[54]

Asian World News[edit]

In October 2015, the newspaper publication Asian World News distributed in the West Midlands and Yorkshire published a column sighting Hayat as their new Political Columnist.[55]

Political career[edit]

Labour Party Membership[edit]

On 14 January 2016, Hayat shared two Tweets claiming his affiliation to the Labour Party in 2012. One stated 'To confirm I was a @UKLabour Party Member from 2012 having finished my term as an MYP - here's the evidence' citing a picture of a letter addressed to a 'Mr.Hayat' with a Labour membership card attached.[56] The second Tweet featured a picture of Hayat talking enthusiastically with Rachel Reeves MP with the caption 'Evidently I was photographed being introduced to @RachelReevesMP at Leicester South CLP gala dinner in 2012'.[57]

Corby by-election[edit]

Following the launch of Hayat's 'Sick Campaign' on Sky News in August 2012,[58] Hayat soon received the backing of George Galloway[59] and featured on Galloway's show The Real Deal broadcast on the Iranian state owned channel Press TV.[60]

In late August, George Galloway revealed he was 'keen for his party to put up a candidate in the by-election' when discussing the upcoming Corby by-election. The Northamptonshire Telegraph reported that 'the name of former Member of Youth Parliament Joseph Hayat has been linked with the campaign, although there are no confirmed Respect candidates yet.'[61] It was therefore believed that Hayat was the party’s prospective parliamentary candidate for the Corby constituency. However, in late October Galloway confirmed that his party would not be standing in the constituency.[62]

Rotherham by-election[edit]

Following the resignation of Dennis McShane over parliamentary expense abuses, the writ was passed on 5 November 2012 and Hayat appointed as Election agent by George Galloway to direct Yvonne Ridley's campaign.[63]

During the campaign, controversy arose when Hayat and the Respecr Party's solicitor Alias Yousaf were verbally abused whilst canvassing by the then Deputy Leader of Rotherham Council Clr Jahangir Akhtar in the company of Lord Nazir Ahmed and Maria Eagle MP.[64] Respect failed to win in the Labour stronghold, although they obtained the party's third best by-election result with their first being George Galloway's win in Bradford West in March 2012.

Youth Officer[edit]

Referenced as the appointed 'Youth Officer' of the Respect Party, Hayat arranged for Galloway to speak at De Montfort University in Leicester to students on 'the importance of more young people getting into politics' in November 2012. The De Montfort Union (DMU) at the university decided to ban Galloway owing to his decision to sue the National Union for Students for libel following his remarks about WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, resulting in the DMU Student Union president Lynette Williams citing Galloway’s actions as "an attack on the NUS is an attack on every student, including those at De Montfort University". Hayat said it was a "completely undemocratic and preposterous" decision.[65]

Local Elections 2014[edit]

In May 2014, Hayat stood for election in the council ward of Great Horton, in the city of Bradford.[66] Hayat came second to last, ahead of the Liberal Democrats [67] During the campaign, the campaign bus was attacked and Hayat nearly ran over by an unnamed driver driving a Jaguar owned by Councilor Nazam Azam.[68]

General Election 2015[edit]

In February 2014 it was suggested that Hayat may challenge Sleaford & North Hykeham MP Stephen Phillips in the general election 2015. Such suggestion came with no reference as to whether or not Hayat would stand as an independent or as the candidate of a political party.[69]

Re-joining Labour[edit]

During the 2015 General Election in Britain Hayat Tweeted “So chuffed, my predictions of the exit poll were absolutely correct” and later “#Election2015 results reaffirm my decision to continue being apolitical as I have last year or so despite aspiration to return to Parliament”. However, on 12 September 2015 the date in which Jeremy Corbyn MP was elected as the Leader of the Labour Party Hayat Tweeted "today I re-joined @UKLabour".

On 20 October 2016, Hayat Tweeted a photo with the Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn MP at his office whilst attending the MP's #RaceEquality2020 reception.[70]

Richmond Park by-election[edit]

On 1 November 2016, in a LabourList article titled 'The activists who could soar as Labour’s candidate in Richmond Park' Hayat was listed as a rumored applicant to be Labour's candidate in the Richmond Park by-election. Hayat failed to be selected and Labour's officially selected candidate was respected author Christian Wolmar.[71]

Sleaford & North Hykeham by-election[edit]

Following Stephen Phillips's decision to resign as the MP for the constituency on 4 November 2016, Hayat was cited by the Lincolnshire Echo as a "definite prospective candidate" for the by-election stating "as far as I'm concerned this will be the mother of all by-elections and I will be throwing my hat in the ring."[72] However, on 14 November (the day before the Publication of Statement of Persons Nominated) the Echo reported that Hayat had quit. Hayat cited his rational for not standing as that it would be "counter-productive" and he condemned the Conservative Party stating "the constituency has been somehow written off this last decade as a Conservative safe seat - no vote should ever be taken for granted."[73] It is rumored that Hayat withdrew his hat having failed to be selected as the Labour Party's candidate following the official appointment of their candidate, refuse disposal driver Jim Clarke.[74]

Mentor Rushanara Ali MP[edit]

In an article published in April 2017, Hayat was pictured with Rushanara Ali the Member of Parliament for Bethnal Green and Bow who was described as Hayat's mentor who was reported to have encouraged him to delay attempting to seek nomination for election to parliament for 5–10 years.[75]

Business Enterprises[edit]

Zeal Wave[edit]

Hayat founded Zeal Wave in February 2009, with business partner Callum Hives. Zeal Wave was an IT company that provided solutions to the homes and businesses of Navenby and the surrounding Cliff Villages. The duo started the company independently with an investment of £180 savings each. Despite the then economic recession, the company was a success, the partners moving into their own premises in December 2009.[76]

Following Hayat’s win in UK Youth Parliament elections in February 2010, Hives ceased trading as 'Zeal Wave' and re-launched operations under the identity of Calcom Enterprises. Hives continues to trade to this day and has moved into the telecoms and hosting sector.[77]


Hayat has often been dubbed the 'worlds youngest airline boss' after founding ad hoc air charter brokerage, HiAir.

Originally Hayat had a launch party scheduled for his venture on 28 July 2010 at East Midlands Airport, however it was cancelled the day before due to an administrational error.[78] It was later reported that the cancellation wasn't caused by administrative issues but was due to the difficulties that Hayat faced with HM Revenue Customs, the UK Border Agency and Special Branch over border control requirements and security concerns that stopped both the operation and his relationship with the airport. This was confirmed by Hayat when he later launched operations in August 2010 operating from no specific airport base, however it was never confirmed by Hayat whether or not the party was planned to occur at East Midlands Airport as reported or in fact Retford Airport as rumoured.[79][80][81]

In June 2011 it was reported that Hayat had sold an ad hoc flight that operated within England.[82]

In November 2010 it was revealed that Hayat had received investment from Ben King in exchange for 51% of his company and that HiAir had in fact become incorporated as a limited company.[83]

In May 2011 it was announced that HiAir would provide a scheduled daily service between Robin Hood Airport and Amsterdam Airport acting as a virtual airline utilising a single nineteen seater aircraft Jetstream 32 aircraft, to be provided on an ACMI basis and operated by a European AOC.[84][85]

In September 2011, it was announced that HiAir had suspended the flights having not received the delivery of their chosen aircraft due to an issue outlined as 'beyond our control' incurred with their unnamed AOC chosen to operate the flights.[86]

In November 2011 Hayat resigned as a Director and thus became no longer a shareholder of HiAir Ltd due to concern over the evident "lack of capital offered" by investor Jason King as well as the financial liabilities King's companies faced at such time, as confirmed by Hayat in an interview with the Thanet Gazette.[87] On 6 March 2012, HiAir Ltd was dissolved whilst under the sole directorship of former colleague Jason Lee King.

In April 2014, with the consultation over possible closure of Kent International Airport and the announcement of KLM suspending the twice daily service to Amsterdam it was revealed that Hayat had met with Chief Executive Charles Buchanan in 2011 to discuss operating the Manston to Amsterdam route prior to KLM launching the service in 2013. Hayat commended the local public support for the airport and offered to host an "emergency meeting" to review the prospect of reinstating the route as a virtual airline on the basis that a response from the airport was received as well as the support of MPs Sir Roger Gale and Laura Sandys.[88]


Hayat's Twitter and Linkedin accounts list him as 'Senior Partner', however his name is not linked to any limited liability partnerships, limited companies or PLC's entities of such name registered in the United Kingdom.


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