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Cover of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure volume 8, featuring the Pillar Men and Joseph Joestar in the foreground.

Battle Tendency (戦闘潮流 Sentō Chōryū?) is the second story arc of the manga series JoJo's Bizarre Adventure written and illustrated by Hirohiko Araki. It was serialized in Weekly Shōnen Jump from 1987 to 1989. As it is the second part of the series, the 69 chapters pick up where the first left off and are numbered 45 to 113, with the tankōbon volumes numbered 6 to 12. It was preceded by Phantom Blood and followed by Stardust Crusaders. In its original publication, it was referred to as JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 2 Joseph Joestar: His Proud Lineage (ジョジョの奇妙な冒険 第二部 ジョセフ・ジョースター ―その誇り高き血統 JoJo no Kimyō na Bōken Dai Ni Bu Josefu Jōsutā Sono Hokoritakaki Kettō).

Battle Tendency was adapted in the 2012 television anime adaptation by David Production between December 7, 2012 and April 5, 2013.


The second arc takes place in 1938 and follows Joseph Joestar, the grandson of Jonathan Joestar, living in New York with his grandmother Erina. Joseph seems to have inherited the power of the Hamon, as he has a natural ability to use it. When old family friend Robert E. O. Speedwagon is reported dead in Mexico, Joseph takes it on himself to go check it out. His curiosity is piqued when he is attacked in New York City by Speedwagon's former ally-turned-foe Straizo, who has used the stone mask upon himself to become a vampire. After an intense battle, Straizo reveals to Joseph that a mysterious "Man in the Pillar" is about to be awakened before proceeding to kill himself by creating a Hamon within his own body. When he goes to Mexico he discovers a secret underground facility where the Nazis are trying to revive a man who seems to have been trapped in a stone pillar for 2,000 years. Here Joseph meets the Nazi Rudol von Stroheim.

The Nazis are successful in awakening the man, who is christened "Santana" before he kills most of them. Joseph and Stroheim battle Santana and manage to defeat him, though Stroheim is fatally wounded.

Joseph then heads to Rome, where three more "sleeping pillar men" have been discovered. There, he meets Caesar A. Zeppeli, a trained Hamon user near his age and who is a descendant of Will A. Zeppeli, who was the mentor of Jonathan Joestar. Caesar blames Jonathan Joestar for killing his grandfather with his incompetence. They find themselves present when the three sleeping men awaken after their 2,000 year sleep. These creatures are something like vampire gods; that created the stone mask that turned Dio into a vampire in Part 1. They are named Wamuu, Esidisi, and Kars, and their goal is to find the "Red Stone of Aja", which, when used with a stone mask, will allow them to become ultimate life forms.

As they are extremely powerful, Joseph talks them out of killing him. Wamuu and Esidisi both give him "wedding rings" which are internal time bombs set to release poison into his blood if he doesn't defeat them within a month. Joseph realizes that he'll have to train and so Caesar introduces him to his master, Lisa Lisa. She and her servants, Messina and Loggins, began to train Joseph.

However, before the month is up, Esidisi finds out that Lisa Lisa has the Red Stone of Aja and comes to take it. Joseph uses his new skills to defeat Esidisi, thus earning the wrath of Wamuu and Kars (who previously thought of him as an amusement rather than a threat). While retreating Joseph is reunited with the supposedly deceased Stroheim, who has been rebuilt by Nazi science as a powerful cyborg, but Stroheim's machine body is quickly cut in half by Kars, who uses the "light mode" (a blade that extends from his arm spins so fast that it reflects light in irregular fashion giving the illusion of a glowing sword).

In Switzerland the group discovers the location of Wamuu and Kars. Knowing their vulnerability to sunlight, everyone is eager to face them during the day except Joseph. Caesar can't accept this and he and Joseph fight. Caesar's father disappeared during his youth, growing up hating his father, he later finds him. Caesar is eager to kill his father who has abandoned him, but when following his father to the base of the Colosseum where the three monsters slept, Caesar tries to touch a gem that is embedded in the wall. His father pushes him out of the way and saves Caesar from the wall's trap. Caesar's father is quickly consumed by the flesh of the monsters in their dormant form and leaves a final message to him, telling him to inform Lisa Lisa that the three monsters in the wall will awaken soon.

Going to where Wamuu and Kars are, Caesar is soon greeted by Wamuu and they fight. It appears that Caesar has the advantage as he nearly kills Wamuu with Hamon and refracted sun light, but Wamuu quickly counters with his "holy sand storm" and Caesar loses his ability to use the Hamon. When Wamuu, satisfied with the victory, tries to leave, Caesar jumps up and tears out his lip piercing that contains the antidote to Joseph's poison ring. Before he dies from being crushed by a stone slab, Caesar uses his final Hamon to make a bubble out of his blood containing the antidote ring. Wamuu sees this but, respecting Caesar as a valiant warrior, lets the bubble float away. When Joseph and Lisa Lisa arrive too-late, Joseph finds the bubble and vows not to drink the antidote until he personally has beaten Wamuu.

Joseph then defeats Wamuu in a deadly chariot race and the final showdown against Kars begins. First keeping his promise, Kars fights Lisa Lisa and though he promised to fight her one-on-one, he sacrifices one of his weaker vampires and is able to defeat her. Angered by Kars' trickery, Joseph challenges him as looks upon Joseph as a weak Hamon user and not even worth fighting seriously. All seems lost against Kars until Stroheim (who has been repaired) and a specially trained SS kommando equipped with ultraviolet projectors which mimic the effect of sunlight on vampires arrive to help Joseph, along with the-presumed dead Speedwagon and a similarly equipped team of Speedwagon Foundation men. It is here that the reader finds out that Lisa Lisa is the biological mother of Joseph. After using the powers of ultraviolet rays of light it seems that Kars has been killed. But Kars was not only able to put on a stone mask that he had been hiding on his person, but also fused with the powers of the Red Stone of Aja and becomes the ultimate life form: able to shapeshift at will, to mimic the powers and capabilities of every known life form (be it plant or animal) and even to detach parts of his body using them a remotely controlled drones. After quick-thinking, Joseph devises a plan and sends Kars into an active southern Italian volcano. But Kars is able to cover himself in a mineralized shell-like armor and protect himself from the molten lava, and severs Joseph's hand when he reveals he has learned a version of the Hamon more powerful than Joseph's would ever be. It once again looks like the end, with Kars preparing one final blow when Joseph holds up the Red Stone of Aja just as Kars is about to strike with the Hamon. The energy flows outward, causing the volcano to erupt and send both Joseph and Kars flying into the upper atmosphere. As Kars tries to escape, Joseph bluffs one more time, giving him enough time to distract Kars just as his severed arm flies up and grabs Kars by the throat, sending him in the path of several more boulders that send Kars outside Earth's atmosphere. Kars does all he can to try to reenter the Earth's atmosphere, but his shapeshifting cannot compensate for the frigidness of outer space and he freezes solid. As the years pass, he eventually stops thinking entirely. Meanwhile, Joseph's chunk of rock descends back towards the Earth with him on it and he is assumed dead.

Weeks later, the group of Erina, Lisa Lisa, Messina, Smokey Brown, and Speedwagon hold a funeral service for Joseph Joestar, but Joseph arrives interrupting their mourning. He explains that after falling back down from the sky he ended up in the Mediterranean where he has been helped by some local fishermen. After finding and marrying Lisa Lisa's assistant, Suzi Q, he returned to America to find his friends. He is annoyed to find out that Suzi had not sent them the message informing that he was still alive. Nearly fifty years later, in 1987, an aging Joseph hurries onto a flight to Japan from John F. Kennedy International Airport in order to visit his daughter and grandson.


Main characters[edit]

Joseph Joestar
Joseph Joestar (ジョセフ・ジョースター Josefu Jōsutā)
Voiced by: Tomokazu Sugita (Japanese), Ben Diskin (English),[1] Hōchū Ōtsuka (Part 3 Video Game)
The main protagonist and grandson of Jonathan Joestar. Having been brought up by Grandma Erina and Speedwagon, he developed a coarser and more rebellious attitude than that of his gentlemanly grandfather, but he still has a noble heart, which he immediately shows when he pretends to have given his wallet to petty thief Smokey Brown to spare him being harangued by NY cops (just like his great-grandfather George did in favor of Dario Brando). Like his grandfather, he can use the Hamon technique, though he is not initially as skilled in its use as Jonathan was.
Smokey Brown (スモーキー・ブラウン Sumōkī Buraun)
Voiced by: Yū Hayashi (Japanese), Robbie Daymond (English)
A young boy living in New York. Joseph saves him from brutal, racist policemen, and he sticks around long enough to watch the battle against Straizo. He also shows up at the end of Part 2 with Rudol von Stroheim's cavalry. Smokey is initially shown with a pigtail in volume 5, which mysteriously disappears in the rest of the series. Following the events of Battle Tendency, he attends college and studies political science, later returning to his home town in Georgia and being elected as its first African-American mayor. His name is inspired by the soul singer Smokey Robinson and possibly Jackson Browne.
Erina Joestar (エリナ・ジョースター Erina Jōsutā)
Voiced by: Ayako Kawasumi (Japanese), Michelle Ruff (English)
Joseph's grandmother. A character from the previous arc, Phantom Blood. She was believed to be Joseph's last living relative, until he discovers the whereabouts of his mother.
Robert E. O. Speedwagon (ロバート・E・O・スピードワゴン Robāto Ī Ō Supīdowagon)
Voiced by: Yōji Ueda (Japanese), Keith Silverstein (English)
An ally of Joseph, and an old friend of the Joestars, also from the previous arc. During the timeskip between the arcs, Robert settled in the U.S. where he became an oil tycoon and founded the Speedwagon Foundation in order to deal with paranormal threats such as the Stone Mask and, later, the Pillar Men.
Rudol von Stroheim (ルドル・フォン・シュトロハイム Rudoru Fon Shutorohaimu)
Voiced by: Atsushi Imaruoka (Japanese), W.T. Falke (English)
Stroheim is the commander of the Nazi forces who discovered Santana in Mexico. He is responsible for not only saving the life of Robert E. O. Speedwagon, but also for trying to help Joseph Joestar defeat Santana by blowing himself up. He returns later as a cyborg to assist in the fight against Kars, by whom he is sliced to pieces. He later returns again with a squad of Nazis to aid Joseph when an army of vampires tries to attack him. Later, when Joseph takes a plane to try and send Kars into a volcano, he saves him by jumping out of the cockpit, breaking his legs as a direct result. He dies in 1943 on the front-line during the Battle of Stalingrad. While described as ruthless and slightly sadistic, he lacks the mark of "total evil" which usually brands Nazis in Western popular culture (a reflection of the different cultural perception of Nazism in Japan). His design is said to have influenced the Capcom character Guile, though Dire from Part 1 also looks similar.
Caesar Anthonio Zeppeli (シーザー・アントニオ・ツェペリ Shīzā Antonio Tseperi)
Voiced by: Takuya Satō (Japanese), Bryce Papenbrook (English)
The grandson of Will A. Zeppeli. He is a blond, suave ladies' man, as well as a skilled Hamon user. He was taught by Lisa Lisa, and currently lives in Italy. He is rather cool and collected, especially compared to Joseph, with whom he is grudgingly paired to fight the Pillar Men. But over time, Joseph starts to grow on him so much that he is able to understand his strange thought pattern. When Caesar was young, his father suddenly left with no explanation. Because of this, Caesar grew up hating his father, thinking he was out living a new life. One day when Caesar spots him walking, he tails him with the intention of killing him. Caesar spots a jewel, not knowing that it was the activation of Wamuu's trap, and his father pushes him out of the way, sacrificing himself for Caesar. This leads to Caesar going ahead of the rest of the group to fight Wamuu, where he is killed in battle, but not before doing his fair share of damage and ripping off Wamuu's lip piercing, sending it in a Hamon bubble for Joseph before his body is crushed by a rock.
Lisa Lisa (リサリサ Risarisa)
Voiced by: Atsuko Tanaka (Japanese), Wendee Lee (English)
Lisa Lisa is a youthful Hamon mistress residing on Air Supplena Island (エア・サプレーナ島 Ea Sapurēna Tō) in Venice, who is Caesar's teacher and ultimately becomes the teacher of Joseph, as well. Her training methods are brutal, and as the last remaining master of the Hamon she is in the possession of the Super Aja (スーパーエイジャ Sūpā Eija), a perfectly cut Red Stone of Aja (エイジャの赤石 Eija no Sekiseki). When it is stolen by the Pillar Men, she tasks Joseph and Caesar to retrieve it, and she joins them with her assistant Messina, proving to be a powerful fighter in her own right. It is eventually revealed that she was the infant Jonathan Joestar saved at the end of Phantom Blood, given to his widow Erina to raise. Named Elisabeth (エリザベス Erizabesu), she was subsequently adopted by Straizo, and learned the Hamon technique from him. As a young adult, Elisabeth eventually married Jonathan and Erina's son George Joestar II, and they had one child, Joseph. George, unfortunately, had no Hamon powers, and was killed by a vampire who had served Dio Brando. Elisabeth murdered her husband's killer and burned him to ash, but he happened to be a high-ranking military official. In order to avoid retaliation, the Speedwagon Foundation helped her to erase all evidence of her existence. It is eventually revealed that she is Joseph's long-lost mother, despite her youthful appearance. She is gravely wounded in her one-on-one struggle with Kars, but manages to survive. She later tells Joseph her relation to him personally at his own supposed funeral, and eventually remarries.
In the events of the novella Jorge Joestar, Lisa Lisa's full name is Elisabeth Straizo (エリザベス・ストレイツォ Erizabesu Sutoreitso) and possibly takes her moniker from Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam
Messina (メッシーナ Messhīna) and Loggins (ロギンズ Roginzu)
Voiced by: Hidetoshi Nakamura (Messina) and Yutaka Nakano (Loggins) (Japanese), Geoffery Chalmers (Messina) (English)
Hamon masters, as well as Lisa Lisa's servants. They trained Joseph Joestar and Caesar Anthonio Zeppeli in the Hamon technique for about 20 days, where they had to learn things such as how to breathe in for 10 minutes straight or how to breathe in 10 times in one second. Joseph Joestar and Caesar's final test had them in a Hamon match against their teachers. Joseph would fight Loggins, and Caesar would fight Messina. After a while Messina forfeited his match against Caesar, astonished that in 3 weeks, Caesar had gained more Hamon power than he had in 10 years. However, Joseph was not able to fight Loggins because Esidisi had killed him before Joseph had got to the place they were going to fight. Messina went with Lisa Lisa, Caesar, and Joseph to Switzerland to find the Red Stone of Aja. He is last seen after the final battle in which Joseph killed Wamuu and sent Kars into space, attending Joseph's "funeral". Loggins and Messina are named after Kenny Loggins and Jim Messina, who were a pop/rock duo in the 70's. Loggins also had a successful solo career, recording hits like "Footloose" and "Danger Zone". It should also be noted that Messina was a member of Poco; a band that also inspired a character's name in this series.
Suzi Q (スージーQ Sūjī Kyū)
Voiced by: Sachiko Kojima (Japanese), Stephanie Sheh (English)
Suzi Q is the female assistant to Lisa Lisa. When she first appears, she is taken over by the remains of Esidisi and attacks her friends. But thanks to a combination attack by Caesar and Joseph, she is saved with only minor injury. Suzi Q is a slightly ditsy girl and ends up marrying Joseph Joestar at the end of Part 2. Her daughter is Holly Kujo, making Part 3's protagonist Jotaro Kujo her grandson. She is named after Suzi Quatro, though it could also be a reference to the titular song of the same name.

Pillar Men[edit]

Four powerful humanoids that serve as the main antagonists for this story arc. The Pillar Men (柱の男 Hashira no Otoko) are an ancient race of humanoids that had extraordinary strength, intelligence and lifespan. This race once ruled the Earth, draining the life energy of other living creatures; this resulted in humans seeing them as gods and demons. However, Kars became aware of the potential of his people's brains, and aspired to unlock it through the stone mask, with which he hoped to make his people even stronger by destroying their weakness to sunlight. However, the rest of his race realized that if this were to happen, the hunger caused from the mask's influence would result in them ridding the world of all life, and so rose up against him. Kars and his ally Esidisi obliterated their clan, save for the children Wamuu and Santana. The stone masks proved to be effective on humans, which can bring out their full potential through acupuncture. However they found that although the mask worked on ordinary humans (and would turn them into vampires), its stimulation was too weak for powerful creatures like them. They needed to combine the stone mask with the Red Stone of Aja to achieve their goal of evolving into "ultimate lifeforms". Unable to find the stone, they transformed into stone pillars 2000 years ago and went into hibernation.

Santana (サンタナ)
Voiced by: Kenji Nomura (Japanese), Kaiji Tang (English)
Santana is discovered in a Mexican pyramid in 1938. He is then awakened and studied by a Nazi study team in an underground base. The team, led by Stroheim, conducts live human experiments with the stone mask to try to strengthen the Nazi army. The team awakens Santana in an advanced isolation room fortified with steel plates, and conduct behavioral experiments on him. They soon find that he feeds on vampires and is able to absorb food from the surface of his body. The team is then shocked by his escape from the room as he breaks many of his own bones in order to squeeze himself into the 4-by-20cm ventilation outlet of the room, and does all this at a speed faster than human eyes can perceive. The team shoots Santana with machine guns, only to find that Santana has learned their language and the mechanisms of their weapons from only minutes of contact. He then easily disposes of the Nazis who disturbed his sleep, and even manages to stay alive after being attacked, exposed to sunlight, and blown up. He is named after the long-lived rock group Santana, though he is named "Santviento" in certain English-based releases. Due to the fact that his regenerating remains were kept in a Speedwagon Foundation laboratory whilst permanently exposed to ultraviolet projectors, he could theoretically still be alive throughout all of the arcs.
Esidisi (エシディシ Eshidishi)
Voiced by: Keiji Fujiwara (Japanese), Chris Jai Alex (English)
Esidisi possesses Mode of Flame (炎の流法(モード) Honō no Mōdo); he raises his body temperature in order to heat his blood to 500°C and then extends his blood vessels out of his body and makes them into long, needles with which he injects his hot blood into enemies, dissolving them from within. Even if the blood isn't injected directly, it can still eat through flesh and metal if sprayed on a target from the outside. Esidisi has been shown to have an extremely erratic temper, sobbing at the sight of his own severed arm, only to calm himself near-instantly and replace it with the arm of Loggins. Esidisi had traveled to ancient China and knew Sun Tzu's theory that "all warfare is based on deception". In his battle with Joseph Joestar, he tries to intimidate him by disabling Joseph's deceptive tactics. Esidisi cuts the hidden rope through which Joseph plans to send Hamon energy to hurt him. Nevertheless, he falls for Joseph's more sophisticated deception, for Joseph has predicted his action and employed the cut-and-restore rope trick on the rope. His bones and muscles are destroyed, but his brain and blood vessels possess Suzi Q, who takes the Red Stone of Aja and sends it to Kars in Switzerland. Esidisi then prepares to turn Suzi Q into a "blood bomb", planning on pressurizing his boiling blood until her body bursts, killing himself and Joseph's group in the process. Joseph and Caesar attack Suzi Q at the same time with their Hamons, canceling each other's out and keeping Suzi Q unharmed, while Esidisi is destroyed. He is named after Australian hard rock band AC/DC.
Wamuu (ワムウ Wamū)
Voiced by: Akio Ōtsuka (Japanese), George C. Cole (English)
Wamuu is introduced as a servant to both Esidisi and Kars. He is a very strong and honorable warrior who possess the Mode of Wind (風の流法(モード) Kaze no Mōdo), allowing him to control the wind, and also reflexively attacks anyone who steps on his shadow. If he goes blind, he can grow a horn on his forehead and sense sound-waves with it. He can also draw air into his body and blast it through the tip of the horn, creating a highly destructive "wind scalpel". He is also extremely honorable, stopping himself from defeating a defenseless Joseph Joestar when he said that with a month to train he could beat Wamuu. Later on, he engages in battle with Caesar Anthonio Zeppeli and kills him, but not before he managed to rip off Wamuu's lip piercing containing the antidote to the poison within Joseph. In another display of honor, Wamuu allows the antidote to go to Joseph out of respect for Caesar's valiant effort. Later when Joseph challenges Wamuu to avenge Caesar, they engaged in a Roman chariot race, with Wamuu initially getting the upper hand. After Joseph managed to counter Wamuu's wind scalpel, he was left as nothing more than a head with the Hamon energy slowly killing him. After Joseph gave Wamuu some of his own blood to ease his pain, he used the last of his strength to destroy a group of vampires that attempted to kill Joseph. Wamuu then vanished in a gust of wind, with Joseph giving an unconscious salute to him. He is named after the 80's duo Wham!.
Kars (カーズ Kāzu)
Voiced by: Kazuhiko Inoue (Japanese), Will Barrett (English)
Kars is the leader of the Pillar Men. He is intelligent, ruthless, and single minded in his dedication to obtaining the Red Stone of Aja. Strangely, despite his apathy towards humans and willingness to kill them, he has been shown to be more compassionate for other living beings. In Switzerland, he sliced a car that was about to hit a puppy in half, and later on maneuvered himself during a long fall to miss a patch of flowers near the bottom of the cliff. Kars' power is that of the Mode of Light (光の流法(モード) Hikari no Mōdo) - he is able to produce bladed appendages from his arms known as Brilliantly Smooth Blades (輝彩滑刀(きさいかっとう) Kisai Kattō) and use these to reflect blinding light toward his enemies. He also has the same powers over his body that all the Pillar Men share. He outlasts his comrades and eventually does gain unlimited power through the combination of the Red Stone of Aja and the Stone Mask, becoming the Ultimate Thing (究極生命体(アルティメット・シイング) Arutimetto Shiingu), referred to as "Ultimate Life Form" in English releases. This form makes him invulnerable to sunlight, and also gains some abilities on a genetic level - he can produce living creatures and control them, and can mutate his body into various forms. In a final confrontation, he succeeds in severing Joseph's hand, but is eventually blown into space by a volcanic eruption, as well as an ultimate Hamon attack from Joseph. Being immortal, he does not die, but is frozen and unable to return to Earth. Trapped in the void of space for eternity, he eventually stops thinking and desires death. He is named after the 80's new wave group The Cars.


Straizo (ストレイツォ Sutoreitso)
Voiced by: Nobuo Tobita (Japanese), Dave Mallow (English)
In the time since Phantom Blood, Straizo becomes the lama for the Hamon users. However, upon discovering the Stone Mask crypt in Mexico, he decides that he has lived enough of a life of piety to receive nothing in return and activates one of the Stone Masks, becoming a vampire. He then hunts down Jonathan's grandson Joseph so no one in the world can possibly kill him, but Joseph's different fighting strategies ultimately cause Straizo's downfall. He activates his Final Hamon to kill himself, but not before he reveals to Joseph the existence of the Pillar Men.
Wired Beck (鋼線(ワイアード)のベック Waiādo no Bekku)
Voiced by: Satoshi Tsuruoka (Japanese), Mike Davis (English)
A vampire with the ability to grow splinters from all over his body. He is quickly defeated by Lisa Lisa. When Beck spoke, he also overused the word "ok" (ズラ (Zura)), placing it at the end of almost every sentence. Joseph's reaction to this behavior indicated that it was apparently very grating to listen to. Wired Beck is named after Jeff Beck, who had an album titled "Wired".
George Joestar II (ジョージ・ジョースターII世 Jōji Jōsutā Nisei)
Jonathan and Erina's son, Lisa Lisa's husband, and Joseph's father. After being raised by his widowed mother Erina, he fell in love with Elisabeth, later known as Lisa Lisa, and wed, having one child together. He joins the Royal Air Force as a fighter pilot during the Great War, but his superior was one of Dio's lackeys and killed George II, who was defenseless without the Hamon.
Donovan (ドノヴァン)
Voiced by: Ken'ichirō Matsuda (Japanese), Ray Chase (English)
Donovan is a Nazi commando sent to track and kill Joseph before he can make it to the Nazi laboratory in Mexico. He reveals the Nazis have been spying on Joseph, and Straizo, for some time, and holds his own in battle against Joseph until Joseph tricks Donovan into slamming into a cactus. In the U.S. release of the manga, his name has been changed to Donobang.
Mark (マルク Maruku)
Voiced by: Ryōta Ōsaka (Japanese), Kyle McCarley (English)
Mark is a low-ranking Nazi soldier who is Caesar's best friend. He has a happy outlook on life and wants to go back home to marry his sweetheart. Mark serves as Caesar's, Joseph's, and Speedwagon's chauffeur in Rome, bringing them to the site of the Pillar Men's burial. He is killed when Wamuu steps right through him, dissolving most of his body. Caesar tearfully uses the Hamon to end Mark's suffering, spurring him to kill the Pillar Men.
Mario Zeppeli (マリオ・ツェペリ Mario Tseperi)
Voiced by: Jin Yamanoi (Japanese), Doug Stone (English)
Will's son and Caesar's father, Mario left home to investigate the Pillar Men, earning the ire of Caesar. However, when Caesar nearly falls victim to a trap lain by the Pillar Men in their burial, Mario pushes him out of the way, saving him, and restoring his faith in his father.

Jorge Joestar[edit]

The following are characters that appear in Ōtarō Maijō's Jorge Joestar novel. Many possess the Stands that would not appear until Stardust Crusaders. Unlike Stands in other JoJo media, Stands in Jorge Joestar are named after films. The novel also introduces three new concepts for powers. A Wound (ウゥンド Wundo) is the result of the person being subject to repeated physical injury or emotional abuse and exists to try to alleviate the user of the resultant pain. Bounds (バウンド Baundo) are abilities that are bound to the environment itself rather than coming uniquely from its user. Beyonds (ビヨンド Biyondo) are abilities that extend beyond the reaches of time and space.

Main characters
Jorge Joestar (ジョージ・ジョースター Jōji Jōsutā)
The son of Jonathan and Erina who grew up on La Palma. Otherwise known as George Joestar II, in Spanish his name is pronounced as Jorge (ホルヘ Horuhe).
Joji Joestar (城字 ジョースター Jōji Jōsutā)
An alternate version of George Joestar who grew up in Fukui Prefecture rather than on La Palma, and is known as Detective JoJo (名探偵ジョジョ Meitantei Jojo).
Tsukumojūku Katō (加藤 九十九十九(ツクモジューク・カトー) Katō Tsukumojūku)
A friend of Jorge's and Joji's. He was born in Akatsuki Town, Fukui Prefecture (福井県西暁町 Fukui-ken Akatsuki-chō) where he met Joji but later moved to La Palma to attend junior high school with Jorge. He is an homage to the character Jūku Tsukumo (九十九 十九 Tsukumo Jūku), another character of Maijō's.
Jorge's family
Elisabeth Straizo (エリザベス・ストレイツォ Erizabesu Sutoreitso)
Otherwise known as Lisa Lisa.
Penelope de la Rosa (ペネロペ・デ・ラ・ロサ Penerope De Ra Rosa)
A girl a year older than Jorge and Tsukumojūku who is attacked by a hidden clown. She possesses a Stand known as Cube House (キューブハウス Kyūbu Hausu) which creates a tesseract house, allowing her to slip away through time and space, later revealed that it is not a Stand but rather a Beyond. She also has a Wound that creates a clown that hangs people from within closed doors.
Erina Joestar (エリナ・ジョースター Erina Jōsutā)
Jorge's mother. The character of the same name from Phantom Blood and Battle Tendency.
Jonathan Joestar (ジョナサン・ジョースター Jonasan Jōsutā)
The character of the same name from Phantom Blood and Jorge's father. During the events of Jorge Joestar, he possesses the Stand The Passion (ザ・パッション(受難) Za Passhon), which takes the form of a crown of thorns on his head, allowing him to see the future. In the end, his head is sewn onto Dio's body rather than Dio possessing his body.
Hamon Warriors
Straizo (ストレイツォ Sutoreitso)
The character of the same name from Battle Tendency.
Dio and his subordinates
Dio Brando (ディオ・ブランドー Dio Burandō)
The character of the same name from Phantom Blood and Stardust Crusaders, possessing the Stand The World (ザ・ワールド(世界) Za Wārudo). While in possession of Jonathan's body, he also has the Stand The Passion. During the events of the novel, Dio becomes an Ultimate Thing and possesses the Stand The World Ultimate (ザ・ワールド・アルティメット Za Wārudo Arutimetto), a stronger version of The World.
Funny Valentine (ファニー・ヴァレンタイン Fanī Varentain)
The character of the same name from Steel Ball Run, possessing the Stand Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap (Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap(いともたやすく行われるえげつない行為) Dāti Dīzu Dan Dāto Chīpu (Itomo Tayasuku Iwareru Egutsunai Kōi)).
Canary Islanders
Antonio Torres (アントニオ・トーレス Antonio Tōresu)
Jorge's rival who attacks Lisa Lisa who dispatches him easily. He possesses a form of the Wound that makes him molt his skin and use others' skins to his advantage.
Javier Cortez (ハビエル・コルテス Habieru Korutesu)
Javier is a classmate of Jorge and Tsukumojūku who possesses a Wound that allows him to enter other people's dreams to attack their insecurities.
Steven Motorize (スティーブン・モーターライズ Sutībun Mōtāraizu)
Steven possesses a Wound that allows him to grow fully functional bird wings whenever he is wounded.
Residents of Morioh Town
Rohan Kishibe (岸辺 露伴 Kishibe Rohan)
The character of the same name from Diamond Is Unbreakable possessing the Stand Heaven's Door (ヘブンズ・ドアー Hebunzu Doā). In this iteration of reality, he is a manga artist living in the Arrow Cross House (アロークロスハウス Arō Kurosu Hausu).
Reimi Sugimoto (杉本 玲美 Sugimoto Reimi)
The character of the same name from Diamond Is Unbreakable. In this iteration of reality, she lives with Rohan in the Arrow Cross House.
Fukashigi Nijimura (虹村 不可思議 Nijimura Fukashigi)
An alternate version of Keicho Nijimura from Diamond Is Unbreakable. He possesses a Stand known as NYPD Blue (NYPDブルー Enu Wai Pī Dī Burū) that has the appearance, strengths, and abilities of a New York City police officer.
Muryōtaisū Nijimura (虹村 無量大数 Nijimura Muryōtaisū)
An alternate version of Okuyasu Nijimura from Diamond Is Unbreakable. Muryōtaisū possesses the Stand Grand Bleu (グランブルー Guran Burū) which takes the form of three dolphins he has named Jack (ジャック Jakku), Enzo (エンゾ), and Joanna (ジョアンナ) that can be ridden through the air.
Koji Hirose (広瀬 康司 Hirose Kōji)
An alternate version of Koichi Hirose from Diamond Is Unbreakable. Koji possesses the Stand Blue Thunder (ブルーサンダー Burū Sandā) which is a propeller that attaches to his head and allows him to fly.
Shigetaka Yangu (矢安宮 重孝 Yangū Shigetaka)
An alternate version of Shigekiyo Yangu from Diamond Is Unbreakable, also nicknamed "Shigechi". His Stand Stray Dog (ストレイドッグ Sutorei Doggu) allows him to control stray dogs.
Aya Tsuji (辻 綾 Tsuji Aya)
An alternate version of the character of the same name from Diamond Is Unbreakable. Tsuji possesses the Stand Face/Off (フェイスオフ Feisuofu) which allows her to switch two people's faces and fingerprints.
Yoshikage Kira (吉良 吉影 Kira Yoshikage)
The character of the same name from Diamond Is Unbreakable possessing the Stand Killer Queen (キラー・クイーン Kirā Kuīn).
Former American President Funny Valentine (元アメリカ大統領ファニー・ヴァレンタイン Moto-Amerika Daitōryō Fanī Varentain)
The character of the same name from Steel Ball Run. In Jorge Joestar, he possesses the Stand Singing in the Rain (SINGING IN THE RAIN(雨に唄えば) Ame ni Utaeba), a frog-like Stand which seems to allow him to fly.
Funnier Valentine (ファニアー・ヴァレンタイン Faniā Varentain)
Funny Valentine's son. He possesses the Stand Rear Window (リアウィンドウ(裏窓) Ria Windō) which allows him to connect windows across space and travel through them.
The Funniest Valentine (ザ・ファニエスト・ヴァレンタイン Za Faniesuto Varentain)
Funnier Valentine's son. In this iteration of reality, it is he who possesses the Stand Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap.
Enrico Pucci (エンリコ・プッチ Enriko Putchi)
The character of the same name from Stone Ocean possessing the Stands White Snake (ホワイトスネイク Howaitosuneiku) and Made In Heaven (メイド・イン・ヘブン Meido In Hebun).
Pocoloco Tripleseven (ポコロコ・トリプルセブン Pokoroko Toripurusebun)
An alternate version of Pocoloco from Steel Ball Run. Pocoloco possesses the Stand Right Stuff (ライトスタッフ Raito Sutaffu) which takes the form of several robotic people who produce a means to get any task done if given the impetus, even creating miniature models if necessary.
Goyathlay Soundman (ゴヤスリー・サウンドマン Goyasurī Saundoman)
An alternate version of Sandman from Steel Ball Run. He possesses the Bound named Dune (デューン Dyūn), which allows him to turn his body into sand.
Nero Nero Islanders
Giorno Giovanna / Haruno Shiobana (ジョルノ・ジョヴァーナ / 汐華 初琉乃 Joruno Jovāna / Shiobana Haruno)
The character of the same name from Vento Aureo, still in possession of the Stand Gold Experience (ゴールド・エクスペリエンス Gōrudo Ekusuperiensu) and its evolution Gold Experience Requiem (ゴールド・エクスペリエンス・レクイエム Gōrudo Ekusuperiensu Rekuiemu). He leads the gang on Nero Nero Island (ネーロネーロ島 Nēro Nēro Shima).
Bruno Bucciarati (ブローノ・ブチャラティ Burōno Bucharati)
An alternate version of the character of the same name from Vento Aureo. This Bucciarati possesses the Stand Good Night Moon (グッドナイト・ムーン Guddonaito Mūn) which manipulates items with a needle and thread much as the original Bucciarati's Sticky Fingers does with zippers.
Leone Abbachio (レオーネ・アバッキオ Reōne Abakkio)
An alternate version of the character of the same name from Vento Aureo. This Abbachio possesses the Stand Videodrome (ヴィデオドローム Videodorōmu), which can obtain video tapes from people to replay any event within the last 24 hours.
Narancia Ghirga (ナランチャ・ギルガ Narancha Giruga)
An alternate version of the character of the same name from Vento Aureo. Narancia possesses the Stand U-Boat (Uボート Yū Bōto), which allows him to control a miniature submarine that can travel into people's bodies.
Guido Mista (グイード・ミスタ Guīdo Misuta)
An alternate version of the character of the same name from Vento Aureo. This Mista possesses the Stand Attack Number Half (アタック・ナンバーハーフ Atakku Nanbā Hāfu) which acts similarly to the original Mista's Sex Pistols except they all look like cross-dressing volleyball player show girls.
Vinegar Doppio (ヴィネガー・ドッピオ Vinegā Doppio)
An alternate version of the character of the same name from Vento Aureo. He possesses a Stand that allows him to turn inanimate objects into fully functioning telephones that can call anyone, even through time and space.
Diavolo (ディアボロ Diaboro)
An alternate version of the character of the same name from Vento Aureo, possessing the Stand King Crimson (キング・クリムゾン Kingu Kurimuzon).
Secco Rotario (セッコ・ロッターリオ Sekko Rottārio)
A man who wears bondage gear named after the character of the same name from Vento Aureo. He possesses the Stand Evil Dead (イーヴルデッド Īvuru Deddo), whose powers allow him to make things invisible from one direction, but still visible from others.
Prosciutto Geppano (プロシュート・ケッパーノ Puroshūto Geppano)
An alternate version of the character of the same name from Vento Aureo. This Prosciutto possesses the Stand Twister (ツイスター Tsuisutā) which creates a tornado.
Dolcio Cioccolata (ドルチオ・チョコラータ Doruchio Chokorāta)
An alternate version of the character of the same name from Vento Aureo. This Cioccolata possesses the Stand Blob (ブロブ Burobu), although its abilities are not seen.
Ultimate Thing Kars (究極生命体カーズ Arutimetto Shiingu Kāzu)
In Jorge Joestar, so many iterations of the universe have passed due to the actions of the original Enrico Pucci that 36 instances of Kars have survived living on Mars during the resets after being beaten by Joseph. These Kars possess many Stands amongst themselves including U-Boat, Ultimate Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap (アルティメットD4C Arutimetto Dī Fō Shī), Whitesnake Ultimate (ホワイトスネイク・アルティメット Howaitosuneiku Arutimetto), C-Moon Ultimate Requiem (C-MOON・アルティメット・レクイエム Shī Mūn Arutimetto Rekuiemu), Made In Heaven Ultimate Requiem (メイド・イン・ヘブン・アルティメット・レクイエム Meido In Hebun Arutimetto Rekuiemu), The World Ultimate, and Dune.
Jonathan Joestar (ジョナサン・ジョースター Jonasan Jōsutā)
An alternate version of Jonathan who was Joji's ancestor from six generations earlier. He is said to have died in 1889 trying to stop his brother Dio during a train robbery.
Dio Brando Joestar (ディオ・ブランドー・ジョースター Dio Burandō Jōsutā)
An alternate version of Dio who is the adoptive brother of the other alternate Jonathan, having accidentally died in the train robbery.


The list below first includes the original volumization followed by Shueisha's 2002 re-release, with different titles. In the original volumization, chapters 45-47 are in volume 5, listed on the Phantom Blood page, and chapter 114 is part of Stardust Crusaders.

No. Title Japanese release date Japanese ISBN
6 JoJo vs. The Ultimate Life-Form
Jojo Tai Kyūkyoku Seibutsu (JoJo Vs.(たい) 究極生物)
October 7, 1988[2] ISBN 978-4-08-851062-0
  1. "Straizo's Ambition" (ストレイツォの野望 Sutoreitso no Yabō)
  2. "The Game Master" (ゲームの達人 Gēmu no Tatsujin)
  3. "The Immortal Monster" (不死身の化け物 Fujimi no Bakemono)
  4. "Cold and Cruel Straizo" (冷酷非情ストレイツォ Reikoku Hijō Sutoreitso)
  5. "Nazis and the 'Pillar Man'" (ナチスと〝柱の男〞 Nachisu to "Hashira no Otoko")
  6. "The 'Pillar Man' Resurrection Project" (〝柱の男〞蘇生実験 "Hashira no Otoko" Sosei Jikken)
  7. "The 'Pillar Man' vs. Man With the Stone Mask" (〝柱の男〞対石仮面の男 "Hashira no Otoko" Tai Ishi Kamen no Okoto)
  8. "The Tracker in the Desert" (砂漠の追尾者 Sabaku no Tsuibisha)
  9. "Santana Vanishes" (消えたサンタナ Kieta Santana)
  10. "JoJo vs. The Ultimate Life-Form" (JoJo Vs.(たい) 究極生物 JoJo Tai Kyūkyoku Seibutsu)
7 The Red Stone of Aja
Eija no Sekiseki (エイジャの赤石)
December 6, 1988[3] ISBN 978-4-08-851063-7
  1. "The Hamon and the Ultimate Life-Form!" (究極生物に波紋! Kyūkyoku Seibutsu ni Hamon!)
  2. "The Perfect Plan!!" (完璧なる作戦ッ!! Kanpeki naru Sakusen'!!)
  3. "Stroheim's Determination" (シュトロハイムの覚悟 Shutorohaimu no Kakugo)
  4. "The End of A Proud Man!" (誇り高き男の最期! Hokori Takaki Otoko no Saigo!)
  5. "The Spaghetti Battle" (スパゲッティーの戦い Supagettī no Tatakai)
  6. "The Pigeon and the Girl" (ハトと女の子 Hato to Onna no Ko)
  7. "The Red Stone of Aja" (エイジャの赤石 Eija no Sekiseki)
  8. "The Truth That Hides in the Mouth of Truth" (真実の口にひそむ真実 Shinjitsu no Kuchi ni Hisomu Shinjitsu)
  9. "The Ultimate Warrior: Wamuu" (究極戦士ワムウ Kyūkyoku Senshi Wamū)
  10. "Special Attack! JoJo Clackers!" (必殺JoJoクラッカー Hissatsu JoJo Kurakkā)
8 The Final Trial
Saishū Shiren! (最終試練!)
February 10, 1989[4] ISBN 978-4-08-851064-4
  1. "The 'Blood Clock' Battle" (〝血時計〟の闘い "Chidokei" no Tatakai)
  2. "A Hero's Proof" (ヒーローの資格 Hīrō no Shikaku)
  3. "The Wedding Ring of Death" (死の結婚指輪(ウエディングリング) Shi no Uedingu Ringu)
  4. "The Master of Venice" (ヴェネチアの達人 Venechia no Tatsujin)
  5. "The Training of A Hamon Warrior" (波紋戦士の試練 Hamon Senshi no Shiren)
  6. "Concentrated Hamon Power" (一点集中波紋パワー Itten Shūchū Hamon Pawā)
  7. "The All-Or-Nothing Gamble!" (一か八かの賭け! Ichi ka Bachi ka no Kake!)
  8. "Hamon Master JoJo" (波紋達人(マスター)JoJo Hamon Masutā JoJo)
  9. "The Final Trial!" (最終試練! Saishū Shiren!)
  10. "The Fruits of Harassment" (しごきの成果 Shigoki no Seika)
9 A Race Towards the Brink
Shi no Gake e Tsuppashire (死の崖へつっ走れ)
April 10, 1989[5] ISBN 978-4-08-851065-1
  1. "The Disturbing Esidisi" (エシディシの不気味 Eshidishi no Bukimi)
  2. "The Deeper Plan" (深く罠をはれ! Fukaku Wana o Hare!)
  3. "An Ensured Victory" (決定されていた勝利 Kettei Sareteita Shōri)
  4. "The Insidious Demon!" (忍び寄る魔! Shinobiyoru Ma!)
  5. "The Stolen Body" (奪われた肉体 Ubawareta Nikutai)
  6. "Chasing the Red Stone to Switzerland" (スイスに赤石を追え Suisu ni Sekiseki o Oe)
  7. "The Mysterious Nazi Officer" (謎のナチス軍人 Nazo no Nachisu Gunjin)
  8. "Kars, Light Mode" (カーズ"光の流法(モード)" Kāzu "Hikari no Mōdo")
  9. "A Race Towards the Brink" (死の崖へつっ走れ Shi no Gake e Tsuppashire)
10 The Crimson Bubble
Senseki no Shabon (鮮赤のシャボン)
June 9, 1989[6] ISBN 978-4-08-851066-8
  1. "Fight to the Death For 175 Meters" (死闘175m Shitō Hyaku Nana Jū Go Mētoru)
  2. "Caesar - The Anger From the Past" (シーザー過去からの怒り Shīzā Kako kara no Ikari)
  3. "Caesar's Lonely Youth" (シーザー孤独の青春 Shīzā Kodoku no Seishun)
  4. "The Horrifying Ghostly Man" (鬼気!幻の男 Kiki! Maboroshi no Otoko)
  5. "The Clash Between Light and Wind!!" (光と風の激突!! Hikari to Kaze no Gekitotsu!!)
  6. "The Crimson Bubble" (鮮赤のシャボン Senseki no Shabon)
  7. "Caesar's Final Hamon" (シーザー最期の波紋 Shīzā Saigo no Hamon)
  8. "Lisa Lisa and Her Silk Dance" (絹の舞いリサリサ Shiruku no Mai Risarisa)
  9. "A Hundred Against Two" (100対2のかけ引き Hyaku Tai Ni no Kakehiki)
11 The Warrior Returning to the Wind
Kaze ni Kaeru Senshi (風にかえる戦士)
August 10, 1989[7] ISBN 978-4-08-851067-5
  1. "The Skeleton Heel Stone" (骸骨の踵石 Gaikotsu no Kakato Ishi)
  2. "Furious Struggle From Ancient Times" (荒ぶる古の戦 Araburu Inishie no Ikusa)
  3. "Moonlight Start!" (月光のスタート! Gekkō no Sutāto)
  4. "The Pillar and the Hammer!" (柱とハンマー! Hashira to Hanmā)
  5. "A Trickery Genius" (天才的イカサマ師 Tensaiteki Ikasama Shi)
  6. "A True Warrior" (真の格闘者 Shin no Kakutōsha)
  7. "Shoot Symmetrically!" (対称点上を撃て! Taishōtenjō o Ute!)
  8. "The Final Mode of the Wind" (風の最終流法(ファイナルモード) Kaze no Fainaru Mōdo)
  9. "The Warrior Returning to the Wind" (風にかえる戦士 Kaze ni Kaeru Senshi)
12 The Birth of a Superbeing!!
Chō Seibutsu no Tanjō!! (超生物の誕生!!)
October 9, 1989[8] ISBN 978-4-08-851068-2
  1. "Treachery at the Temple of Sacrifice" (悪逆!生贄の神殿 Akugyaku! Ikenie no Shinden)
  2. "The Ties That Bind Lisa Lisa and JoJo" (リサリサ、JOJOを結ぶ絆 Risarisa, Jojo o Musubu Kizuna)
  3. "JoJo: The Ultimate Hamon" (JOJO 最期の波紋 Jojo Saigo no Hamon)
  4. "The Tragedy of Jorge Joestar" (ジョージ・ジョースターの悲劇 Jōji Jōsutā no Higeki)
  5. "The Birth of a Superbeing!!" (超生物の誕生!! Chō Seibutsu no Tanjō!!)
  6. "JoJo's Final Bet!" (JOJO 最後の賭け! JoJo Saigo no Kake!)
  7. "The Ascendant One" (神となった男!! Kami to Natta Otoko!!)
  8. "The Phenomenal Power of the Red Stone" (驚異の赤石パワー Kyōi no Sekiseki Pawā)
  9. "The Comeback Kid" (帰ってきた男 Kaettekita Otoko)
  10. "A Man Possessed by an Evil Spirit" (悪霊にとりつかれた男 Akuryō ni Toritsukareta Otoko)
No. Title Japanese release date Japanese ISBN
4 Part 2: Battle Tendency 1
Part 2 Sentō Chōryū 1 (Part2 戦闘潮流 1)
April 18, 2002[9] ISBN 4-08-617787-0
  1. "Joseph Joestar of New York (1)" (ニューヨークのジョセフ・ジョースター その① Nyū Yōku no Josefu Jōsutā Sono 1)
  2. "Joseph Joestar of New York (2)" (ニューヨークのジョセフ・ジョースター その② Nyū Yōku no Josefu Jōsutā Sono 2)
  3. "Joseph Joestar of New York (3)" (ニューヨークのジョセフ・ジョースター その③ Nyū Yōku no Josefu Jōsutā Sono 3)
  4. "Straizo vs. Joseph (1)" (ストレイツォVSジョセフ その① Sutoreitso Bāsasu Josefu Sono 1)
  5. "Straizo vs. Joseph (2)" (ストレイツォVSジョセフ その② Sutoreitso Bāsasu Josefu Sono 2)
  6. "Straizo vs. Joseph (3)" (ストレイツォVSジョセフ その③ Sutoreitso Bāsasu Josefu Sono 3)
  7. "Straizo vs. Joseph (4)" (ストレイツォVSジョセフ その④ Sutoreitso Bāsasu Josefu Sono 4)
  8. "Straizo vs. Joseph (5)" (ストレイツォVSジョセフ その⑤ Sutoreitso Bāsasu Josefu Sono 5)
  9. "The 'Pillar Man'" (「柱の男」 "Hashira no Otoko")
  10. "The 'Pillar Man: Santana' (1)" (「柱の男・サンタナ」 その① "Hashira no Otoko: Santana" Sono 1)
  11. "The 'Pillar Man: Santana' (2)" (「柱の男・サンタナ」 その② "Hashira no Otoko: Santana" Sono 2)
  12. "The 'Pillar Man: Santana' (3)" (「柱の男・サンタナ」 その③ "Hashira no Otoko: Santana" Sono 3)
  13. "The 'Pillar Man: Santana' (4)" (「柱の男・サンタナ」 その④ "Hashira no Otoko: Santana" Sono 4)
  14. "The 'Pillar Man: Santana' (5)" (「柱の男・サンタナ」 その⑤ "Hashira no Otoko: Santana" Sono 5)
  15. "The 'Pillar Man: Santana' (6)" (「柱の男・サンタナ」 その⑥ "Hashira no Otoko: Santana" Sono 6)
  16. "The 'Pillar Man: Santana' (7)" (「柱の男・サンタナ」 その⑦ "Hashira no Otoko: Santana" Sono 7)
  17. "The 'Pillar Man: Santana' (8)" (「柱の男・サンタナ」 その⑧ "Hashira no Otoko: Santana" Sono 8)
  18. "The 'Pillar Man: Santana' (9)" (「柱の男・サンタナ」 その⑨ "Hashira no Otoko: Santana" Sono 9)
5 Part 2: Battle Tendency 2
Part 2 Sentō Chōryū 2 (Part2 戦闘潮流 2)
April 18, 2002[10] ISBN 4-08-617788-9
  1. "Joseph Joestar of Rome" (ローマのジョセフ・ジョースター Rōma no Josefu Jōsutā)
  2. "The Red Stone of Aja" (エイジャの赤石 Eija no Sekiseki)
  3. "Ultimate Warriors from Ancient Times (1)" (太古から来た究極戦士 その① Taiko kara Kita Kyūkyoku Senshi Sono 1)
  4. "Ultimate Warriors from Ancient Times (2)" (太古から来た究極戦士 その② Taiko kara Kita Kyūkyoku Senshi Sono 2)
  5. "Ultimate Warriors from Ancient Times (3)" (太古から来た究極戦士 その③ Taiko kara Kita Kyūkyoku Senshi Sono 3)
  6. "Ultimate Warriors from Ancient Times (4)" (太古から来た究極戦士 その④ Taiko kara Kita Kyūkyoku Senshi Sono 4)
  7. "Ultimate Warriors from Ancient Times (5)" (太古から来た究極戦士 その⑤ Taiko kara Kita Kyūkyoku Senshi Sono 5)
  8. "Promise of Death: Wedding Ring" (死の契約・結婚指輪 Shi no Keiyaku: Uedingu Ringu)
  9. "Lisa Lisa, Hamon Coach (1)" (波紋教師 リサリサ その① Hamon Kyōshi Risarisa Sono 1)
  10. "Lisa Lisa, Hamon Coach (2)" (波紋教師 リサリサ その② Hamon Kyōshi Risarisa Sono 2)
  11. "Lisa Lisa, Hamon Coach (3)" (波紋教師 リサリサ その③ Hamon Kyōshi Risarisa Sono 3)
  12. "Lisa Lisa, Hamon Coach (4)" (波紋教師 リサリサ その④ Hamon Kyōshi Risarisa Sono 4)
  13. "Lisa Lisa, Hamon Coach (5)" (波紋教師 リサリサ その⑤ Hamon Kyōshi Risarisa Sono 5)
  14. "Lisa Lisa, Hamon Coach (6)" (波紋教師 リサリサ その⑥ Hamon Kyōshi Risarisa Sono 6)
  15. "Go! Hamon Master" (行け!波紋マスター Ike! Hamon Masutā)
  16. "Flame Mode Esidisi (1)" (炎・流法(モード) エシディシ その① Honō Mōdo Eshidishi Sono 1)
  17. "Flame Mode Esidisi (2)" (炎・流法(モード) エシディシ その② Honō Mōdo Eshidishi Sono 2)
6 Part 2: Battle Tendency 3
Part 2 Sentō Chōryū 3 (Part2 戦闘潮流 3)
May 17, 2002[11] ISBN 4-08-617789-7
  1. "Flame Mode Esidisi (3)" (炎・流法(モード) エシディシ その③ Honō Mōdo Eshidishi Sono 3)
  2. "The Hidden Ruins (1)" (忍びよる残骸 その① Shinobiyoru Zangai Sono 1)
  3. "The Hidden Ruins (2)" (忍びよる残骸 その② Shinobiyoru Zangai Sono 2)
  4. "Von Stroheim's Revenge (1)" (シュトロハイム隊の逆襲 その① Shutorohaimu-tai no Gyakushū Sono 1)
  5. "Von Stroheim's Revenge (2)" (シュトロハイム隊の逆襲 その② Shutorohaimu-tai no Gyakushū Sono 2)
  6. "Von Stroheim's Revenge (3)" (シュトロハイム隊の逆襲 その③ Shutorohaimu-tai no Gyakushū Sono 3)
  7. "Light Mode Kars (1)" (光・流法(モード) カーズ その① Hikari Mōdo Kāzu Sono 1)
  8. "Light Mode Kars (2)" (光・流法(モード) カーズ その② Hikari Mōdo Kāzu Sono 2)
  9. "Caesar's Lonely Youth (1)" (シーザー孤独の青春 その① Shīzā Kodoku no Seishun Sono 1)
  10. "Caesar's Lonely Youth (2)" (シーザー孤独の青春 その② Shīzā Kodoku no Seishun Sono 2)
  11. "Caesar's Lonely Youth (3)" (シーザー孤独の青春 その③ Shīzā Kodoku no Seishun Sono 3)
  12. "Caesar's Lonely Youth (4)" (シーザー孤独の青春 その④ Shīzā Kodoku no Seishun Sono 4)
  13. "Caesar's Lonely Youth (5)" (シーザー孤独の青春 その⑤ Shīzā Kodoku no Seishun Sono 5)
  14. "Caesar's Lonely Youth (6)" (シーザー孤独の青春 その⑥ Shīzā Kodoku no Seishun Sono 6)
  15. "Ascending the Fort Hotel" (要塞ホテルを登り切れ Yōsai Hoteru o Noborikire)
  16. "The Wind, the Chariots, and Wamuu (1)" (風と戦車とワムウ その① Kaze to Sensha to Wamū Sono 1)
  17. "The Wind, the Chariots, and Wamuu (2)" (風と戦車とワムウ その② Kaze to Sensha to Wamū Sono 2)
7 Part 2: Battle Tendency 4
Part 2 Sentō Chōryū 4 (Part2 戦闘潮流 4)
May 17, 2002[12] ISBN 4-08-617790-0
  1. "The Wind, the Chariots, and Wamuu (3)" (風と戦車とワムウ その③ Kaze to Sensha to Wamū Sono 3)
  2. "The Wind, the Chariots, and Wamuu (4)" (風と戦車とワムウ その④ Kaze to Sensha to Wamū Sono 4)
  3. "The Wind, the Chariots, and Wamuu (5)" (風と戦車とワムウ その⑤ Kaze to Sensha to Wamū Sono 5)
  4. "The Wind, the Chariots, and Wamuu (6)" (風と戦車とワムウ その⑥ Kaze to Sensha to Wamū Sono 6)
  5. "The Wind, the Chariots, and Wamuu (7)" (風と戦車とワムウ その⑦ Kaze to Sensha to Wamū Sono 7)
  6. "The Wind, the Chariots, and Wamuu (8)" (風と戦車とワムウ その⑧ Kaze to Sensha to Wamū Sono 8)
  7. "The Wind, the Chariots, and Wamuu (9)" (風と戦車とワムウ その⑨ Kaze to Sensha to Wamū Sono 9)
  8. "The Warrior Returning to the Wind" (風にかえる戦士 Kaze ni Kaeru Senshi)
  9. "The Ties That Bind Lisa Lisa and JoJo (1)" (リサリサとジョジョを結ぶ絆 その① Risarisa to JoJo o Musubu Kizuna Sono 1)
  10. "The Ties That Bind Lisa Lisa and JoJo (2)" (リサリサとジョジョを結ぶ絆 その② Risarisa to JoJo o Musubu Kizuna Sono 2)
  11. "JoJo: The Ultimate Hamon (1)" (ジョジョ 最後の波紋 その① JoJo Saigo no Hamon Sono 1)
  12. "JoJo: The Ultimate Hamon (2)" (ジョジョ 最後の波紋 その② JoJo Saigo no Hamon Sono 2)
  13. "Superbeing Kars Is Born (1)" (超生物カーズ誕生 その① Chō Seibutsu Kāzu Tanjō Sono 1)
  14. "Superbeing Kars Is Born (2)" (超生物カーズ誕生 その② Chō Seibutsu Kāzu Tanjō Sono 2)
  15. "Joseph's Final Gamble" (ジョセフ最後の賭け Josefu Saigo no Kake)
  16. "The Man Who Became a God" (神となった男 Kami to Natta Otoko)
  17. "The Man Who Crossed the Atlantic Ocean" (大西洋を越えて来た男 Taiseiyō o Koetekita Otoko)

Related media[edit]

Ōtarō Maijō's 2012 novel Jorge Joestar, follows the titular character, the father of Joseph Joestar, and his story as a pilot in the Royal Air Force.[13]

The arc was adapted as part of the first season of David Production's television anime adaptation, airing between December 7, 2012 and April 5, 2013. Warner Bros. Entertainment will release this series in English on July 28, 2015.[14]

The young Joseph of this series appears as a playable character, alongside his older self, in Capcom's 1998 arcade fighting game, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. Joseph, Caesar, Wamuu, Esidisi and Kars appear as playable characters in Bandai Namco Games' 2013 fighting game, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battle, with Lisa Lisa later appearing as a downloadable character. Joseph, Caesar, and Stroheim will appear in the upcoming JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven, also by Bandai Namco.