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Joseph Keckler
OccupationSinger, Writer, Songwriter

Joseph Keckler is an American singer, musician, and writer.[1] In 2016 he was named a "major vocal talent" by the New York Times.[2] Keckler's concerts have been presented at Lincoln Center, Centre Pompidou, SXSW, The Adult Swim Festival, and many other venues. Keckler's voice is unique in the sense that it spans three octaves. [3] In 2017 he released his first book, Dragon at the Edge of a Flat World (Turtle Point Press), a collection of essays and stories. [4]

As a teenager, Keckler set out to become a blues singer. He subsequently trained classically as an operatic bass-baritone and now works in multiple styles.[5]

Keckler's work has included original baroque pop songs,[6] classical and experimental vocalization,[7] videos, and performed stories, dreamlike monologues, and essays.[8]

He has worked in music, comedy, and the art world. In June 2015, Keckler appeared in Dave Malloy's Preludes at the Lincoln Center Theater 3. He portrayed Feodor Chaliapin, a famous opera singer and long time friend to Sergei Rachmaninoff.


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