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Joseph Manuel[1] Marquez
Marquez in 2014
Personal information
Born (1991-12-10) December 10, 1991 (age 28)
HometownNorwalk, California, U.S.
Career information
Current teamCloud9
Career prize money$169,249.89
Career history
????–2013The Blade Breakers
2013–2014Melee It on Me
Career highlights and awards
Joseph Marquez
Twitch information
Followers285.76 thousand
Total views14.09 million
Follower and view counts updated as of February 2020.

Joseph Manuel Marquez (born December 10, 1991), known by his gamertag Mango (stylized mang0 or Mang0), is an American professional competitor in Super Smash Bros. Melee, a crossover fighting game published by Nintendo for the GameCube in 2001. A native of Norwalk, California, Marquez is part of the Cloud9 eSports team. Marquez is considered one of the dominant "Five Gods" of Melee, along with Juan "Hungrybox" Debiedma, Adam "Armada" Lindgren, Kevin "PPMD" Nanney, and Jason "Mew2King" Zimmerman. Marquez is known for his aggressive playstyle and ability to adapt.[2]

Marquez has achieved 1st place victories at many of the top Super Smash Bros. Melee tournament series including Genesis in 2009, Evolution Championship Series in 2013 and 2014, and The Big House in 2012, 2014, 2016, and 2019.[3][4][5] Marquez was ranked as the best Melee player in the world in both 2013 and 2014,[6][7] and was ranked the third best Melee player in the world in 2017[8] and 2019.[9] Marquez's other nicknames include "Scorpion Master" (used when he is playing as Mario) and "The Kid".[10] He is one of the most popular Melee players, with an active Twitch channel that boasts over 10,000 subscribers.[11]


Mango began his career as a Jigglypuff player, citing Canadian Jigglypuff player The King as his inspiration.[12] He contributed to the character's rise in the Melee's list of character viability known as the tier list.[13][14] Mango entered EVO 2007, beating players such as Mew2King. He finished 3rd after losing to Ken Hoang. Mango's first national tournament win was Pound 3 in 2008[2] where he beat many of the best Smashers. He placed 3rd in Singles at Super Champ Combo, again defeating many well-known players. In doubles, he also placed 3rd with his partner Lucky, even beating the team of Ken and Isai.

On February 4, 2008, Mango won Pound 3, having beaten top professionals such as Forward, Cort, PC Chris, ChuDat, and Mew2King.[15]

By March 8, 2009, he was considered one of the best active Melee players in the world, having beaten PC Chris, ChuDat, Mew2King, and many other Smashers at Revival of Melee in Nanuet, New York, placing 1st.[16]

On July 10, 2009, Mango attended GENESIS, a tournament organized by San Francisco Melee crew DBR. With 290 entrants in Melee Singles, GENESIS was Melee's largest tournament ever at the time. At the tournament, Mango reached the Winners' Finals and lost 2–3 against Adam "Armada" Lindgren, a Peach player regarded as the best player in Europe.[17] After defeating Hungrybox in Losers' Finals 3–0, Mango reached Grand Finals against Armada. Mango then proceeded to win a very intense and close second set 3–2, and the third set 3-0 to win the tournament. This tournament victory simultaneously reaffirmed Mango's position as the #1 Melee player in the world and birthed the greatest rivalry (Mango vs. Armada) in Melee history.

Revival of Melee 2 was the cause of much debate within the Smash community when Mango placed 4th after being double-eliminated by Kage The Warrior. However, rumors and uncertainty ended after Mango claimed 1st place at Pound 4, then the largest tournament in Melee history with over 300 entrants, without dropping a set, defeating Hungrybox 3–1 in Grand Finals.[18]

After being banned on Smash World Forums, Mango, along with DBR and some buddies from his region,[19] decided to prank the rest of the Smash community by creating an alias known as ScorpionMaster94 and sandbag at a number of tournaments. Originally going to use Luigi or Samus when using his alias, Mango instead decided to use Mario after soundly defeating fellow SoCal Smasher Johnny "S2J" Kim in a Money Match.

Mango and the rest of SoCal created a backstory for his alias, claiming "Scorp" was a prodigy from Mexico named Joshua Lopez who defeated everyone in SoCal and was ready to place Top 3 at Apex 2010. Mango, however, failed in this endeavor, losing to Wobbles and Eggz and getting an unexpected 25th place at Apex 2010.[20] Mango continued to sandbag with other characters, such as Captain Falcon and Marth, in addition to his Mario, convincingly defeating Kage The Warrior 2–0 with Link and Marth at Revival of Melee 3 and receiving 9th place, and placing 17th at Pound V.

Mango's planned revival was GENESIS 2.[citation needed] Despite being upset by Taj in Winners' Semifinals, he was able to fire through Losers' Bracket to reach Grand Finals against Armada, defeating Hungrybox 3–0 in Losers' Semifinals and Taj again 2–0 in Losers' Finals (Taj forfeited after he was dominated in the first two games). After a close and intense set, Mango ultimately placed 2nd, losing 2–3 against Armada.[21]

Mango secured his position as the champion of North America by winning Revival of Melee 4, convincingly defeating Dr. PeePee 3–0 in Winners' Finals and 3–1 in Grand Finals.[22]

At Apex 2012, Mango fell short of people's expectations and placed 3rd after losing 0-3 to Armada in Winners' Finals and 1-3 to Hungrybox in Losers' Finals.[23]

After Apex 2012, Mango began to regain the dominant lead he held back in 2008. He won IMPULSE, a Canadian national tournament, after defeating Dr. PeePee, Hungrybox, and Mew2King. Mango continued to defend his victory streak, convincingly defeating Hungrybox in Grand Finals at MELEE-FC10R Legacy[24] and again at The Big House 2, winning both national tournaments without dropping a set.[25]

At Apex 2013, Mango defeated several notable Smashers in Winners' Bracket such as Nintendude, Vwins, and Eggm, before losing to Mew2King. In Losers' Bracket, he defeated Vwins again, Hax, and Hungrybox before losing to Mew2King again, placing 4th.[26]

EVO 2013[edit]

At B.E.A.S.T 3 in Sweden, Mango won the tournament after defeating well-known European Smashers such as Zgetto, Baxon, Overtriforce, and finally Ice in Grand Finals.[27]

At Kings of Cali 2, Mango won the tournament without dropping a set, defeating Shroomed 3–1 in Winners' Finals and Wobbles 3–0 in Grand Finals.[28]

At NorCal Regionals 2013, Mango was upset by PewPewU in Winners' Semifinals. Mango reached Grand Finals after defeating Fly Amanita, Westballz, and PewPewU in the Losers' Bracket and won a convincing 3-0 first set against Hungrybox (including a 4 stock in game 2), but failed to pull through in the second set, losing 2–3.[29] On June 16, it was announced that Mango became sponsored by Melee website and podcast Melee it on Me.

At Vindication, Mango defeated Mew2King in Winners' Finals 3–0, but lost the first set of Grand Finals 1–3. However, he managed to win the second set 3–1, winning the tournament.[30]

Zenith 2013 was a significant tournament, with all 4 top players in the United States present for the first time since Apex 2013[citation needed] as well as being a road to EVO qualifier. Mango was sent to the Losers' Bracket by Mew2King after losing Winners' Semifinals 1–3. He defeated DaShizWiz 2–0 in Losers' Quarterfinals, Dr. PeePee 3–1 in Losers' Semifinals, and Mew2King 3–1 in Losers' Finals before reaching Grand Finals against Hungrybox. Mango won the tournament after defeating Hungrybox in 2 sets, both 3–1.[31]

At IMPULSE 2013 in Toronto, Mango claimed 1st place without dropping a game, defeating Unknown522 3–0 in both Winners' and Grand Finals. Teaming with Unknown522, Mango also took 1st in Melee Doubles and 1st in Project M Singles.[32]

With 709 entrants, EVO 2013 is currently the seventh largest Super Smash Bros. Melee tournament of all time, and was the largest for a year. With his victory at Zenith 2013, Mango was the number one seed and advanced from his pool on Day One, cruising into the Winners' Quarterfinals pool without dropping a game.

On Day Two, Mango proceeded to the Winners' Semifinals pool after defeating Axe 2–1. In Winners' Semifinals, Mango was sent to the Losers' Bracket after losing 1-2 to Wobbles. Mango then cemented his place in the Top 8 after defeating SFAT 2–1.

Mango began EVO top 8 in the Losers' Bracket. He defeated Ice 2-0 and Dr. PeePee 2-0 before reaching Losers' Semifinals against Armada. In a highly anticipated match, Mango defeated Armada 2-0 to reach Losers' Finals against Hungrybox. After defeating Hungrybox 2–0, Mango reached Grand Finals against Wobbles. Mango then defeated Wobbles in 2 sets, 3-0 and 3-1 to become the champion of EVO 2013.[33] Following his EVO victory, he was considered to be the best player in the game.[34]

After winning EVO 2013 and with the birth of his son, Mango announced that he would be taking a small hiatus from competitive Melee. In 2013, Mango became less active in gaming, choosing to spend more time with his family.[35] During this period he entered tournaments primarily with secondary characters, including placing 2nd at LANHAMMER 2013 with Marth and 2nd at Pound V.5 with Marth and Captain Falcon.

At Fight Pitt 3, Mango's Fox defeated Mew2King's Marth 3–2 in Winners' Finals. However, Mew2King managed to take 2 sets from Mango in Grand Finals to win the tournament, both sets 3–1.

By the end of 2013, the Melee It On Me (MIOM) 2013 SSBMRank placed Mango as the best player of that year.[36]


At Apex 2014, Mango beat Fiction 2–0 in Winners' Quarterfinals but was defeated 1-3 by Dr. PeePee in Winners' Semifinals. He then defeated Hungrybox in Losers' Quarterfinals 2-0 to reach Losers' Semifinals against Leffen, the preeminent Fox player in Europe. Mango defeated Leffen in a riveting 3-2 set (including a 4-stock in game 5). Mango ultimately lost to Mew2King 1–3 in Losers' Finals and placed 3rd. Apex 2014 was won by Dr. PeePee.

Cloud9 and MLG Anaheim 2014[edit]

Revival of Melee 7 marked Mango's return to competitive Melee. Mango won the tournament without dropping a set,[37] defeating Hungrybox 3–0 in Winners' Quarterfinals, Darrell 3–0 in Winners' Semifinals, and Mew2King 3–2 in Winners' Finals and 3–1 in Grand Finals.[38] This was also the third time Mango has claimed a ROM title.[citation needed]

At Fight Pitt IV, Mango faced off against Mew2King in Winners' Finals.[39] In Grand Finals, Mew2King won the first set 3–2, but Mango prevailed in the second set, winning 3–0. In the final set, he won 3–2. Mango's Falco was able to defeat Mew2King's Marth on Final Destination in two consecutive games, a remarkable feat considering Mew2King's mastery of the Space Animal match-up on that stage.[original research?]

At WHOBO MLG, Mango was upset by Hax 1–3 in Winners' Finals.[40] Mango went on to defeat Hax in two sets of Grand Finals 6-0 using Falco to win the tournament and qualify for MLG Anaheim 2014.[41]

On May 6, 2014, Cloud9 HyperX announced that they had signed Mango to lead their fighting games division.[34] Mango's first tournament under this new sponsor[citation needed] was Get On My Level 2014 in Toronto, where he took 1st place, defeating Kage 2–0, KirbyKaze and Mew2King 3–0, and Hungrybox 3–2 in Grand Finals for the title.[42] However, at subsequent tournaments, Mango did not perform as well. At SKTAR 3, he lost to PPMD 1–3 in Winners' Finals, and then was eliminated by Mew2King 1–3 in Losers' Finals, finishing at 3rd place overall.[43] At Super SWEET in Ann Arbor, Michigan, he was defeated by Armada 2–3 in Winners' Finals then eliminated by Mew2King 1-3 once again in Losers' Finals, with the last match being a 4-stock against him on Pokémon Stadium.[44]

MLG Anaheim 2014 had one of the largest prize pools in Smash history at US$15,000 and was the first Major League Gaming sponsored Melee tournament since 2006.[45] Mango dropped two sets in pool play, one to Armada 2–3, and one to Westballz 0–3.[46] Mango defeated PPMD in Winners' Semifinals 3–2. He beat Armada in Winners' Finals and again in Grand Finals, both sets 3–2, to claim 1st place.[47]

Mango later attended CEO 2014, where he managed to defeat Mew2King 2-0 and Armada 3-1 to secure a spot in Grand Finals. In Grand Finals, Armada came back to win two sets over Mango, 0-3 and 1–3, to take the tournament.[48]

At Kings of Cali 4, Mango defeated MacD, Fiction, and aMSa 3-0 before reaching Winners' Finals against Armada, where he won 3–1. He lost the first set of Grand Finals 0-3 to Armada, but still won the second set 3–1, placing 1st overall in Singles at the tournament.[49]

At the end of the year Melee it on Me ranked Mango as the best Melee player in the world in the 2014 SSBMRank.[50]

EVO 2014[edit]

EVO 2014 had a total of 970 entrants for Melee, surpassing the record set by EVO 2013 and becoming the largest Smash tournament at the time.[51][52] In the Winners' Quarterfinals pool, he defeated Axe 2-1 to make it into the top 8 via Winners' Bracket. He then defeated Mew2King 2–0, and Hungrybox 3–2 in both Winners' Finals and Grand Finals, to take 1st place.[53]

Post-EVO 2014[edit]

After winning EVO 2014, Mango attended Smash the Record, choosing to play only as Captain Falcon. As the 1st Seed, Mango took out Samus player HugS and Fox player Colbol. In Winners' Finals, however, Mango lost to Hungrybox and was then eliminated from the tournament by Mew2King, finishing his run at 3rd place.[54]

Afterward, Mango attended The Shape of Melee to Come 5 in Kirtland, Ohio. In Winners' Quarterfinals, Mango defeated Peach player Hanky Panky. He then beat Samus player Duck before losing to Armada. In Losers' Finals, Mango beat Luigi player Abate but lost to Armada again, this time in Grand Finals, placing 2nd.

At The Big House 4 in Romulus, Michigan, Mango qualified for Top 32. He defeated Captain Falcon player Wizzrobe, Marth player The Moon, and Fox player Hax, before losing to Mew2King 0–3. In Losers' Quarterfinals, he defeated Fox player and best friend Lucky and in Losers' Semifinals, he defeated rival Armada. In Losers' Finals, Mango beat Leffen 3-1 to face Mew2King in Grand Finals. Mango beat Mew2King 3-1 but had to win another set since he came from the Losers' Bracket. He beat Mew2King 3-1 once more to win The Big House 4.[55] He also placed 9th in doubles, teaming with Captain Falcon player Scar.[56]

At Do You Fox Wit It?, Mango only entered Doubles with Lucky and the team took 2nd place, losing to Hax and Mew2King in Grand Finals.[57]


Mango only attended one national event before Apex 2015: B.E.A.S.T. 5 in Gothenburg. There, while seeded first, Mango defeated Sheik player and Armada's younger brother Android and, Sheik player and Germany's best player Ice before losing 2-3 to Leffen in Winners' Finals. In Losers' Finals, Mango lost 0-3 to Armada, finishing in 3rd place.

Apex 2015[edit]

Mango's appearance at the Apex 2015 in February 2015 was largely the role of an avenger after Leffen's highly anticipated and convincing 5–0 game win against Chillin. In response to Chillin's loss, Mango challenged Leffen, claiming: "If we meet in Bracket, we're putting one thousand on it." Leffen immediately accepted and would go on to defeat Mango's Falco with Fox in a series of hard-fought matches that ended with a 3–1 game score in Leffen's favor. After the defeat, Mango defeated Yoshi player aMSa in a close 5 game set 3–2 in Losers' Quarterfinals before losing to Armada 0–3 in Losers' Semifinals, netting 4th place.

Spring and Summer[edit]

Mango attended six more national tournaments before EVO 2015.[58]

At I'm Not Yelling! in Oakland, California, he beat Falco player Westballz in Winners' Quarterfinals, Leffen in Winners' Semifinals, and Armada in Winners' Finals. However, Armada came back after winning Losers' Finals and beat Mango, giving Mango a 2nd-place finish.[59]

At MVG Sandstorm in Tempe, Arizona, Mango beat Peach player MacD before being sent to the Losers' Bracket by Pikachu player Axe. Mango was then knocked out by Westballz at 5th place at the tournament, which ended in a 3–0 win for Armada over Westballz.[60]

At Press Start in Irvine, California, Mango qualified for Top 32 and was set to face off against Mario player A Rookie. However, due to Mango, along with Hax and S2J, arriving late, he was immediately sent to Losers' Bracket. From there, he beat Captain Falcon player Jace, Westballz, Hax, Leffen, Sheik player Shroomed, Lucky, Hungrybox, and Axe to reach Grand Finals against Ice Climbers player Fly Amanita. Mango beat Fly Amanita twice to place 1st at Press Start.[61]

At Battle Arena Melbourne 7 in Melbourne, Australia, Mango placed 1st by defeating S2J in Winners' Semifinals, Leffen in Winners' Finals, and then Leffen again in Grand Finals.[62]

At CEO 2015 in Orlando, Florida, Mango beat Abate but was sent to Losers' Bracket by Shroomed. He then beat MacD, Sheik player Plup, Hungrybox, and Westballz before being eliminated by Armada, placing 3rd in the tournament. Leffen ended up winning his first US major.[63]

At WTFox in Memphis, Tennessee, Mango defeated Wizzrobe before being sent to the Losers' Bracket by Armada in Winners' Semifinals. In Losers' Semifinals, he beat Westballz and Mew2King before facing off against Armada. In a close 3-2 set, Mango beat Armada to face off against Leffen in Grand Finals. Leffen then went on to beat Mango 3-0 and win the tournament.[64]

EVO 2015[edit]

After winning the last two EVO tournaments, Mango aimed to win EVO 2015 and capture a third straight title. With 1,869 entrants, EVO 2015 became the biggest Melee tournament of all time. Mango beat Sheik player Ice 2-0 using Falco in the round of 16 before being sent to Losers' Bracket by Plup in a 1-2 upset. Mango then defeated Sheik player DruggedFox 2-0 to qualify for top 8 for the fourth straight time. In Losers' top 8, Mango defeated Ice Climbers player ChuDat 2–0. Then, in Losers' Quarterfinals, Mango lost to Hungrybox, 1–2, ending his EVO 2015 run with a 5th place tie with Leffen. The tournament was eventually won by Armada, 3–2, over Hungrybox. Mango also teamed with Lucky and placed 9th in Doubles. PewPewU and SFAT beat Armada and Ice to take first in Doubles.[65]

After EVO 2015, MIOM ranked Mango in 3rd in its 2015 Summer SSBMRank, behind Armada and Leffen after being ranked first for the past two years.[66]

Post EVO 2015[edit]

Mango signed up for Super Smash Con at the Dulles Expo Center in Chantilly, Virginia. However, since he arrived late, a tournament organizer disqualified him from the competition. Mango stayed behind to commentate Melee with fellow Smashers Scar and Toph. Super Smash Con ended with Leffen beating Mew2King.[67]

Mango's first tournament after EVO 2015 was Paragon Los Angeles 2015 on September 5 and 6.[68] Mango qualified for the Top 64, beating everyone in his pool. He then started using his Falco more than his Fox in this tournament; he cites since that Armada didn't attend the tournament and that he didn't have to face off against Leffen or Hungrybox, both of whom Mango commonly counter picks Fox, he could keep his Falco "in shape."[69] His first match was against Marth player Azen; Mango beat him 2–0. He then beat Peach player Bladewise 2-0 and HugS 2–0. In Winners' Quarterfinals, he beat Plup 2-0 and in Winners' Semifinals, he beat Axe 3–1. He then beat Mew2King 3–1 in Winners' Finals and then Mew2King again 3–2 in Grand Finals to take 1st place at Paragon.[70]

Mango announced that he will be attending HTC Throwdown in San Francisco, California.[71] There, after beating Rudolph 2–0, he lost to Drugged Fox for the first time 1–2. Then, in his first set in Losers', he lost to MacD 1–2, ending his HTC tournament run at 17th place.[72] This is his lowest placing in a tournament since he stopped using the Scorpion Master alias. The tournament was won by Leffen.[72]

At The Big House 5 in Dearborn, Michigan, the Melee events started off with a 5 v 5 crew battle, with Mango representing SoCal (Southern California), along with HugS, MacD, Westballz, and Lucky.[73] The SoCal crew convincingly defeated New England and Florida.[74] In the Finals against Europe, Europe took a strong lead thanks to Armada taking eight stocks off SoCal. After Westballz, MacD, and HugS took out Fox player, and Britain's best player, Professor Pro and Armada together, Lucky knocked out Android and two stocks off of Norway's Widl. Mango anchored the SoCal crew. There, he lost a stock to Widl but took out his last two stocks. In the Final matchup against Ice, Mango only lost a stock while taking off all four of Ice's stocks, leading SoCal to the crew battle victory.[75] In Doubles, Mango teamed with friend and Fox player Alex19, but were knocked out by the teams of Sauc3 and Coffeeblack and Subzero and Burnt out Ninja in the Phase 1 pools. Doubles was won by the team of Android and Armada.[76] In Singles, Mango qualified for the top 64 after winning his Phase 1 and Phase 2 pools. He then proceeded to beat Falco player Tirno, Sheik player Drephen, and Fox player HomeMadeWaffles to secure a top 16 spot through the Winners' side. Mango then beat Nintendude 3-2 and Abate 3-0 before losing the Hungrybox 1–3 in Winners' Semifinals. In Losers' Top 8, Mango beat Westballz 3-1 but lost to Mew2King 0-3 to end his TBH5 run at 4th place. The tournament was won by Armada.[77]

Later Beyond the Summit, a company known for its Dota 2 coverage, invited Mango to participate in Smash Summit in Los Angeles. He was invited along with Armada, Mew2King, PPMD, Plup, Lucky, Axe, Leffen, PewPewU, and Westballz. In addition, six other players - S2J, SFAT, Alex19, Zhu, Kage, and Swedish Delight - were chosen by the community.[78] There, his crew, Team Alex19, which was made up of Alex19, Mango, S2J, and Lucky, defeated by Team Swedish Delight, 16–15, but lost to Team Kage - Kage, Armada, SFAT, and Shroomed - 15–16.[79] In the Iron Man competition, Mango lost to Armada 18-20; Armada won the Iron Man over Mew2King after Mew2King forfeited after his second character.[80] In Doubles, Mango teamed with Lucky. The duo beat Westballz and Zhu 2–0, but lost to PewPewU and SFAT 1–2. In Losers', they beat Plup and PPMD 2-1 and Shroomed and S2J 3–1. In Losers' Finals, they lost to Armada and Mew2King 0–3. PewPewU and SFAT won Doubles 3-2 over Armada and Mew2King in a close set.[81] In Singles, Mango convincingly beat Zhu 3-0 and SFAT 3–1. In Winners' Semifinals, Mango lost to Mew2King 0–3, sending Mango to Losers'. Mango then beat Shroomed 3–1 in Losers' Quarterfinals and beat Plup 3–1 in Losers' Semifinals. In Losers' Finals, he beat Mew2King 3–1, sending him to Grand Finals against Armada. In a very close set, Armada barely clutched it out 3-2 over Mango, giving Mango a 2nd-place finish.[82]

On October 9, 2015, Armada announced that Mango will be attending DreamHack Winter 2015 in Jönköping, Sweden through Twitter.[83] After winning his pools, he went on to beat RashAttack, Mike Haggar, Young Thug, and HugS to move on to Winners' Quarterfinals. In a close set against Plup, Mango lost 2–3, sending him to Losers'. Mango beat Shroomed 3–0, but was upset by Westballz 0–3 in Losers' Quarterfinals, giving him another 5th-place finish, tied with Samus player Duck. The tournament was won by Hungrybox, who lost to Armada 0–3 in the first set of Grand Finals, but beat him 3–1 in the second set.

In the final 2015 Rankings, Mango was ranked 4th, his lowest placing since MIOM started the SSBMRank, by a group of 43 professional players and active people in the Smash scene. Armada, Hungrybox, and Leffen placed ahead of him, while he placed ahead of Mew2King, and PPMD.[8]

2016 and 2017[edit]

The first national of the year, GENESIS 3, in San Jose, California, had 1,836 entrants, including Mango. The GENESIS organizer decided to give the top 64 players a free pass for the first day, giving them a pass on Round 1 pools. Instead, many of the top 64 players participated in the Smash Draft crew battles, featuring eight top players as captains and then drafting players. Mango was drafted by Scar, along with Alex19, Samus player Duck, and Fox player Colbol. The team faced Team PewPewU in the first round and lost in convincing fashion. The crew battle was won by Team Hungrybox. In Doubles, Mango failed to show up with his partner S2J, so the duo was immediately disqualified from the tournament. In Round 2 Singles, he beat Falco player Rula and Fox player Phil to easily make top 64. In top 64, he beat Luigi player Abate 3-1 and HugS 3–0, heading into the final round of Winners' against Axe. There, however, he lost to the Pikachu player 1–3, sending Axe to top 8 Winners' side and sending Mango to Losers'. He beat Plup in the final round of Losers', giving him a top 8 spot. The next day in Losers' Top 8, Mango switched to Fox from Falco and he overwhelmed Ice Climbers player Nintendude and beat him 3-0 and then beat PPMD 3–0 in Losers' Quarterfinals. In Losers' Semifinals, Mango was in a rematch against Axe and ended in an Axe flub and a 3-0 Mango victory. In Losers' Finals, Mango took out Hungrybox 3-2 and the Grand Finals pitted the same matchup as it did in the other GENESIS tournaments: Armada versus Mango. In the first two games, Mango's Fox convincingly beat Armada's Fox, forcing Armada to go Peach. Mango then got the Bracket reset 3–1, but lost the second set 1–3, giving Armada the GENESIS 3 victory.

Mango then signed up for PAX Arena in San Antonio, Texas.[84] Mango defeated Mexican Fox player Valdo 3-0 and Wizzrobe, the up-and-coming Captain Falcon player, 3–1. In Winners' Semifinals, he beat Mew2King's Marth 3–1 with Falco, but lost to Hungrybox in Winners' Finals 2–3 with his Fox. He beat Westballz 3–1 in Losers' Finals but fell short to Hungrybox again in Grand Finals, 2–3.

Mango was invited to SXSW's Battle of the Five Gods, which featured twenty players: Mango, Armada, Mew2King, PPMD, Hungrybox, MacD, Ice, Silent Wolf, DruggedFox, HugS, Westballz, Nintendude, Plup, SFAT, PewPewU, Shroomed, Axe, Lucky, Wobbles, and S2J. He was placed on the top of his group in the Round Robin; the group also consisted of Axe, considered the world's best Pikachu player, who has defeated Mango twice at MVG Sandstorm, 2–3, and GENESIS 3,1-2; MacD, the second best Peach player who has beaten Mango once, 1–2, at HTC Throwdown; and DruggedFox, Georgia's best player who also beat Mango also at HTC Throwdown, 1–2. Mango beat all three players in his pool, 3–2, 3–0, and 3–0, respectively, to move on to the playoffs group to face Westballz. Mango lost to Westballz 1-3 and was sent to Losers' to face Silent Wolf. After a 3-1 set victory, Mango proceeded to defeat Plup 3-1 and Wobbles 3-1 to face Armada in Losers' Finals. In a close 3-2 set, Mango edged out Armada on a last hit situation to move on to Grand Finals against Hungrybox. Mango cleanly beat Hungrybox 3–0 in the first set of Grand Finals, but then Hungrybox brought it back the second set 1–3, netting Mango another 2nd-place victory.

Mango also attended Pound 6 (April 2–3), where he ended up in Winners' Bracket for top 8. He lost to Hax$ in Winners' Semifinals and was sent to the Losers' Bracket. He beat Plup in Losers' Quarterfinals 3-0 and beat Swedish Delight in Losers' Semifinals 3–2 in order to play Hax again in Losers' Finals. He beat Hax 3-0 and went to Grand Finals, finishing 2nd place after a 1–3 loss to Hungrybox in the first set of Grand Finals.

Mango was invited to Smash Summit 2, along with Armada, Hungrybox, Mew2King, Plup, Westballz, Axe, Shroomed, SFAT, Silent Wolf, ESAM, PewPewU, Ice, Duck, S2J, and Wobbles. In crew battles, Mango's team, which included Duck, Silent Wolf, and S2J, defeated Team Hungrybox but lost to Team Armada and then to Team Hungrybox in Losers' to net a 3rd-place finish. In the Iron Man competition, Mango defeated Shroomed 20-19 and Mew2King 20-18 to face Armada in Grand Finals. Mango was first down, but then used his Mario to take 5 stocks from Armada, winning the Iron Man 20–19. In Doubles, with S2J, the duo beat Shroomed and Westballz 3-1 and upset Hungrybox and Plup 3-2 to move into Winners' Finals. They lost a close 2-3 to Mew2King and Armada, who would end up winning Doubles, and then lost to Hungrybox and Plup 0–3 in Losers' Finals. In Singles, he edged out Duck 1–3 in the round of 16 and barely beat Westballz 3-2 to move on to Winners' Semifinals. There, in a last hit, last stock situation, he was on the verge of defeating Hungrybox but failed to convert a kill, losing 2–3, sending him to Losers'. Mango defeated Plup 3-2 after a long combo to end the set but lost to Armada 0–3, placing 4th at the tournament.

Mango attended Big House 6, a fall national held annually in Michigan. He won 1st place after advancing to Grand Finals on the winning side, and reset the Bracket to defeat Armada in Game 5 of the second set. Mango also won Royal Flush, a major tournament held in Atlantic City in May 2017, ending Armada's dominant streak which began at the end of 2017 and winning his fourth consecutive tournament held on Mother's Day weekend.

Personal life[edit]

Marquez is of Costa Rican descent.[10] He graduated from John Glenn High School in 2010.[85] He and his girlfriend Lauren have one son, Joseph Mango Marquez, born October 14, 2013, whose middle name comes from the older Marquez's Melee handle.[86] Marquez stated that his involvement in gaming kept him out of gangs. Marquez streams [87]Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Super Smash Bros. Melee, Apex Legends, Rocket League, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Valorant, and other games on Twitch.[10] Mango currently lives in Norwalk, California.[88] He lived in Ohio after winning EVO 2013, but has since returned to his hometown.[89]

Marquez's early Melee career was documented in an episode of the 2013 documentary series The Smash Brothers.[2]

Notable tournament placings[edit]

Super Smash Bros. Melee tournament results
Year Tournament[90] 1v1 Placement 2v2 Placement Partner
2007 Zero Challenge 3 25th 5th Lucky
2007 EVO West 7th
2007 EVO World 2007 3rd
2007 Super Champ Combo 3rd 3rd Lucky
2008 Pound 3 1st 2nd Forward
2009 Revival of Melee 1st 2nd Tofu
2009 GENESIS 1st 3rd Lucky
2009 Show Me Your Moves 1st 1st G$
2009 Revival of Melee 2 4th 1st Lucky
2010 Pound 4 1st 1st Lucky
2010 Apex 2010 25th 1st Lucky
2010 Revival of Melee 3 9th 1st Lucky
2011 Pound V 17th 2nd G$
2011 GENESIS 2 2nd 1st Lucky
2011 Revival of Melee 4 1st 2nd G$
2012 Apex 2012 3rd 4th G$
2012 IMPULSE 1st 1st PPMD
2012 MELEE-FC10R Legacy 1st 1st DoH
2012 The Big House 2 1st 1st SFAT
2012 Kings of Cali 2nd 1st Lucky
2013 Apex 2013 4th 4th DoH
2013 B.E.A.S.T 3 1st 1st Scar
2013 Kings of Cali 2 1st 2nd Scar
2013 Zenith 2013 1st 4th Scar
2013 IMPULSE 2013 1st 1st Unknown522
2013 EVO 2013 1st 2nd Lucky
2013 Pound V.5 2nd 1st Mew2King
2014 Apex 2014 3rd 2nd Lucky
2014 Revival of Melee 7 1st 5th Hazz
2014 WHOBO MLG 1st 1st Hax
2014 Get On My Level 2014 1st 2nd Toph
2014 SKTAR 3 3rd 2nd PPMD
2014 Super SWEET 3rd 2nd Scar
2014 MLG Anaheim 2014 1st 2nd Lucky
2014 CEO 2014 2nd
2014 Kings of Cali 4 1st 3rd Scar
2014 EVO 2014 1st 7th Lucky
2014 Smash the Record 3rd 2nd Colbol
2014 The Shape of Melee to Come 5 2nd
2014 The Big House 4 1st 9th Scar
2015 B.E.A.S.T 5 3rd 3rd Baxon
2015 Apex 2015 4th 5th Lucky
2015 I'm Not Yelling 2nd 4th Lucky
2015 MVG Sandstorm 5th 33rd HugS
2015 Press Start LAN 1st 3rd Lucky
2015 Battle Arena Melbourne 7 1st 9th Meredy
2015 CEO 2015 3rd 5th S2J
2015 WTFox 2nd 2nd Leffen
2015 EVO 2015 5th 9th Lucky
2015 Paragon Los Angeles 1st
2015 HTC Throwdown 17th 4th Lucky
2015 The Big House 5 4th 65th Alex19
2015 Smash Summit 2nd 3rd Lucky
2015 DreamHack Winter 2015 5th 4th S2J
2016 GENESIS 3 2nd DQ S2J
2016 Battle of the Five Gods 2nd
2016 Pound 2016 2nd DQ S2J
2016 Smash Summit 2 4th 3rd S2J
2016 Enthusiast Gaming Live Expo 2nd 3rd Duck
2016 DreamHack Austin 2016 1st
2016 Get On My Level 2016 2nd 2nd Lucky
2016 Low Tier City 4 2nd 1st Lucky
2016 WTFox 2 1st DQ Westballz
2016 EVO 2016 4th
2016 Clutch City Clash 3rd
2016 Super Smash Con 2016 1st 2nd S2J
2016 Shine 2016 3rd
2016 The Big House 6 1st
2016 Smash Summit 3 4th 4th S2J
2016 UGC Open 13th[91]
2017 GENESIS 4 2nd
2017 Royal Flush 1st
2017 EVO 2017 2nd
2017 Super Smash Con 2017 1st
2017 Shine 2017 2nd
2017 The Big House 7 5th
2018 GENESIS 5 5th
2018 EVO 2018 5th
2018 The Big House 8 3rd
2019 GENESIS 6 5th
2019 Pound 2019 2nd
2019 Get On My Level 2019 1st
2019 Smash'N'Splash 5 7th
2019 Smash Summit 8 9th 1st S2J
2019 The Big House 9 1st
2019 EGLX 2019: Rising Stars 5th
2019 Mango's Birthday Bash 1st 1st Plup
2020 GENESIS 7 3rd 9th Lucky
2020 Smash Summit 9 3rd
Project M tournament results
Year Tournament[92] 1v1 Placement 2v2 Placement Partner
2012 The Big House 2 2nd
2013 B.E.A.S.T 3 2nd
2013 IMPULSE 2013 1st
2013 Pound V.5 3rd
2014 WHOBO MLG 3rd
2014 SKTAR 3 33rd
2014 Super SWEET 5th
2014 CEO 2014 17th
2014 The Big House 4 33rd
2015 B.E.A.S.T 5 1st
2015 Project Melbourne 2nd
2016 Low Tier City 4 9th Lucky


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