Joseph Medworth

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Joseph Medworth
Born 1752
Wisbech, England
Died 17 October 1827(1827-10-17)
Wisbech, Cambs
Nationality English
Occupation bricklayer
Known for development of The Crescent

Joseph Medworth the son of Simon Medworth (1723-1761) a ropemaker and Anna Lampson was born in Wisbech in 1752. He married Sarah Fisher in 1775 at Wisbech St.Peter church.[1] He moved to London and became a bricklayer and returned to Wisbech in 1793. He developed the 'Castle' site having bought Thurloe's mansion and grounds from the See of Ely in 1792. The Georgian Crescent, Union Place and Ely Place forming a Circus built by him frequently feature in costume dramas. He demolished the mansion and replaced it with a Regency villa in 1816. On his death he left children by Mary Rowell, Sarah Gibson and Sarah Fisher.[2] The villa is now owned by Cambridgeshire County Council [3]


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