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Joseph Menna is recognized as one of the leading professional sculptors working in the field today. He is classically trained and a master of both digital and traditional sculpture media. After spending many years in the world of fine art sculpture & public art, he combined his lifelong love of comics, sci-fi, and fantasy to become one of the best known sculptors working in the toy & collectible world. Recently he has expanded his efforts into visual development for film and games. Beyond his sculpture skills, Menna is known for his strong classical drawing ability which informs the 2D concept work he does for his clients and personal work. His list of current and former clients includes DC Entertainment (DC Collectibles), Gentle Giant, McFarlane Toys, Dark Horse Comics, Mattel, Fisher-Price, Hasbro, and many others involved in both the fine art and collectible sculpture worlds. His sculpting work can also be seen on the 2014 Everglades National park quarter.[1]

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