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Joseph F. Menna is an American sculptor and engraver who has worked in both digital and traditional sculpture media.


In the 2010 and Beyond Lincoln Cent, Menna's initials, JFM, can be seen under the scroll on the right side of the shield.

Menna trained formally at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, New York Academy Graduate School of Figurative Art in New York City, New York and Saint Petersburg Art and Industry Academy in St. Petersburg, Russia.[1] Menna sculpted the reverse of the 2010 Lincoln Cent. He also supplemented his training with studies at Arts Students League, and the Sculpture Center in Manhattan, New York.[1]

Menna was raised in the Blackwood section of Gloucester Township, New Jersey. After graduating from Highland Regional High School he attended the University of the Arts in Philadelphia from which he graduated in 1992. He was awarded a master's degree in 1994 from the New York Academy of Art.[2]

As a professional fine art sculptor, Menna's clients include the United States Mint, DC Comics, Fisher-Price and Hasbro, among others.[3][4]

In 2005, Menna joined the United States Mint as a medallic sculptor. He sculpted the design of United States Mint Artistic Infusion Program Associate Designer Lyndall Bass into the 2010 Lincoln Cent and his initials, JFM, appear on the reverse of the coin under the right side of the scroll.[5]

After spending many years in the world of fine art sculpture and public art, he combined his lifelong love of comics, sci-fi, and fantasy to work in the toy and collectible world. He has expanded his efforts into visual development for film and games. Beyond his sculpture skills, Menna is known for his strong classical drawing ability which informs the 2D concept work he does for his clients and personal work. His list of current and former clients includes DC Collectibles, Sideshow Collectibles, Diamond Select Toys, Dark Horse Comics, Mondo, McFarlane Toys, Hasbro, Mattel, and many others involved in both the fine art and collectible sculpture worlds. His sculpting work can also be seen on the 2014 Everglades National Park quarter.[6]

Awards and honors[edit]

Along with the 2010 Lincoln Cent, Menna is also credited with designing or sculpting:


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