Joseph Montigny

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Joseph Montigny
Nationality  Belgium
Occupation Gunsmith
Known for Development of the Montigny mitrailleuse
The 37-barrels Montigny mitrailleuse, developed in 1863 by Joseph Montigny

Joseph Montigny was a Belgian gunsmith, from Fontaine l'Evèque near Brussels, and the developer of the Montigny mitrailleuse, an early European machine gun, in 1863.[1] The design was based on the early 1850s prototype of a volley gun by the Belgian officer Fafschamps.[2] Montigny managed to offer his design to Napoléon III, who adopted it in 1867, with Colonel De Reffye making various improvements to the weapons.[3][4]

Joseph Montigny also developed various rifles and shotgun with breech loading mechanisms based on the designs of the Swiss inventor Jean Samuel Pauly.[1]


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