Joseph N. Ermolieff

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Joseph N. Ermolieff
Born 24 March 1889
Moscow, Russian Empire
Died 20 February 1962
Los Angeles, California
United States
Occupation Producer
Years active 1916-1953

Joseph N. Ermolieff (1889–1962) was a Russian-born film producer. Ermolieff was a prominent figure in early Russian cinema during the Imperial era. He fled to France following the Russian Revolution and became an established producer there. As well as Paris he also worked at the Emelka Studios in Munich. In 1936 he enjoyed a major international success with The Czar's Courier, and he moved to the United States the following year planning to remake the film in English. He settled in America and became a citizen in 1942, but struggled to establish himself in Hollywood despite producing occasional films such as Outpost in Morocco (1949) and Fort Algiers (1953). In 1944 he produced a Mexican version of Michael Strogoff (1944).[1]

Selected filmography[edit]


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