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Joseph Noad (ca. 1797 – February 20, 1873) was a public official in Newfoundland. He was a member of the Legislative Council of Newfoundland from 1842 to 1845 and from 1848 to 1855.[1]

Born in England, Noad came to Newfoundland and, soon afterwards in August 1832, was named surveyor general for the colony. He was a member of the Executive Council from 1842 to 1855. He was also a director of the Newfoundland Steam Navigation Company. Noad was married twice: he married his second wife Emma Gaden Lilly; in 1935. After he was forced into retirement from his appointed positions in 1855 by the introduction of responsible government, he moved to Woodstock, Canada West, where he died in 1873.[1]

In 1859, he published Lecture On The Aborigines Of Newfoundland.[2]


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