Joseph Nourse

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Joseph Nourse (1754 - 1841)
Joseph Nourse
Born 16 July 1754
London, England
Died 1841
Georgetown, Washington, D.C.
Nationality United States
Occupation Register of the Treasury
Known for First Register of the Treasury
Nourse Coat of Arms

Joseph Nourse (London, England, 16 July 1754 - Washington D.C., 1841) was the first United States Register of the Treasury whose career spanned forty years and six presidential administrations. He played a key role in administering the finances of the new Republic.

Nourse first served during the American Revolutionary War as military secretary to General Charles Lee. He returned for a short time to his family's farm in Berkeley County, Virginia (now West Virginia). He settled in Philadelphia in 1779, where he served as Assistant Auditor General for the Board of Treasury. He was elected Register in 1781, where he assumed responsibility for keeping the financial records and accounts of the new government. He also authenticated each piece of Continental currency by personally signing it.

In 1800, he moved with the federal government from Philadelphia to the City of Washington. He purchased a residence in Georgetown, first at 3101 P Street. Later, he acquired Cedar Hill in 1804. (It's now known as Dumbarton House.)

As Register of the Treasury, he worked closely with four administrations and early political leaders of the new nations.

When Andrew Jackson was elected President in 1829, Joseph Nourse was forced from office.[1][2]


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