Joseph Odermatt

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Joseph Odermatt
Peter III, fourth Pope of the
Palmarian Catholic Church
Pope Peter III of Palmar.jpg
ChurchPalmarian Catholic Church
SeeEl Palmar de Troya
Papacy began23 April 2016
PredecessorGregory XVIII (Palmarian claimant)
Opposed toFrancis
Personal details
Birth nameJoseph Odermatt
BornStans, Nidwalden

Joseph Odermatt, known by his religious name as Eliseo María and by his papal name as Peter III, is a Swiss Independent Catholic prelate and the current pope of the Palmarian Catholic Church.[2][a] Odermatt succeeded Ginés Jesús Hernández (Pope Gregory XVIII) after Hernández left the Palmarian Church and returned to the Roman Catholic Church.[2]


Odermatt was born in Stans, Canton of Nidwalden in Switzerland. He claims to be a descendant of Saint Nicholas of Flüe. He joined the Order of Carmelites of the Holy Face in 1985 and worked for eighteen years as a missionary in South America. He served as the Order's Secretary of State from 2011 until 2016.[5] In 2016 he succeeded Ginés Jesús Hernández as Pope of the Palmarian Catholic Church, taking the papal name Peter III. He is seated at the Cathedral-Basilica of Our Crowned Mother of Palmar. Hernández had previously resigned from the papacy and left the church in order to marry, later joining the Roman Catholic Church. Odermatt later excommunicated Hernández.[6]


  1. ^ It is difficult to obtain reliable and verified information about the Palmarian sect, according to religious studies scholar Jean-François Mayer, since the sect neither announces news nor has an online presence.[3] Little is known about what happens inside the sect compound, according to ABC newspaper journalist Alberto Flores, who described the usual behavior of the sect as "habitual secrecy" (habitual ocultismo).[4]


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Preceded by
Ginés Jesús Hernández
Gregory XVIII
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