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Joseph Ogle (June 17, 1737 in Frederick, Maryland[1][2] - February 24, 1821 in New Design, Illinois[1]) was an American soldier and frontiersman.


Early years[edit]

He was born in Maryland on June 17, 1737. Ogle married first Prudence Drusilla Biggs (1748–1777), of Frederick County, Maryland, who bore him five children.

Revolutionary War[edit]

In 1777, the family was living on Buffalo Creek in what is today Brooke County, West Virginia. Capt. Joseph Ogle commanded a Virginia company during the Revolutionary War. He was involved in the Siege of Fort Henry in what is now West Virginia.He married a second wife, Jemima Meiggs or Meeks, with whom he had four children. All of the children were born in what was then Virginia.


Ogle left Virginia in opposition to slavery.[citation needed] By 1785, Ogle had settled his family in the Northwest Territory, which is present-day Monroe County, Illinois.[2] Ogle is said to have been the first Methodist in Illinois, and helped found the Shiloh Methodist Church, the first Methodist Church.[1][2][3] Ogle first settled on the road from Bellefontaine to Cahokia. In 1796, he moved to New Design, in what is now Monroe County. In 1791, Ogle was involved in a skirmish with Native Americans near what is now Waterloo, Illinois. Ogle died on February 24, 1821. He is buried in St. Clair County, Illinois. Ogle had a son who was also named Joseph Ogle. His son was involved in the Black Hawk War, and died in 1846.

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