Joseph Philip Robert Murray

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Joseph Philip Robert Murray (born March 6, 1943 in Ottawa, Ontario) served as 19th Commissioner of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, from June 23, 1994 – September 1, 2000.

"After recruit training, Murray remained in Saskatchewan, attended the University of Regina where he was awarded the General Proficiency Scholarship in both 1975 and 1976 and completed a Bachelor of Administration degree in 1977. During his service as Commissioner, Murray established town hall meetings to improve communication within the Force and initiated corporate sponsorship. In 1997 he ended the RCMP's responsibility for airport security, leaving it to local police establishments and private security agencies. He adopted Alternative Dispute Resolution and developed the Mission, Vision, and Values/Shared Leadership Statement which guides the force today."


Police appointments
Preceded by
Norman Inkster
Commissioner of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police
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Giuliano Zaccardelli