Joseph Samuel C. F. Frey

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Joseph Samuel Frey.

Joseph Samuel Christian Frederick Frey (born Joseph Levi) (1771–1850) was a missionary to Jews. In 1809 he founded the London Society for promoting Christianity amongst the Jews after disagreements with the London Missionary Society.[1]


  • Joseph and Benjamin: letters on the controversy between Jews and Christians : comprising the most important doctrines of the Christian religion. 1837
  • Hebrew Dictionary
  • Narrative of the Rev. Joseph Samuel C. F. Frey, 1834, digital at


  1. ^ Narrative of the Rev. Joseph Samuel C. F. Frey 1834 "My father, Samuel Levi, was nineteen years a private tutor in a Jewish family at Maynburnheim ; and, after he had married, continued, as it were, day and night in the study of the sacred Scriptures and the traditions of men,"