Joseph Smith Jessop

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Joseph Smith Jessop
Joseph Smith Jessop.jpg
Joseph Smith Jessop with his youngest daughter Mabel Annie shortly before his death
Patriarch in the Mormon fundamentalist movement
Personal details
Born (1869-01-25)January 25, 1869
Millville, Utah, United States
Died September 1, 1953(1953-09-01) (aged 84)
Hildale, Utah, United States
Resting place Isaac W. Carling Memorial Park
36°59′24″N 112°58′59″W / 36.990°N 112.983°W / 36.990; -112.983 (Isaac W. Carling Memorial Park)
Known For Co-founder of Hildale, Utah
Spouse(s) Martha M. Yeates (1871-1938)
Gertrude A. Marriott (1928-1952)
Children 22
Parents Richard Jessop
Mary Ellen Shaffer

Joseph Smith Jessop (January 25, 1869 – September 1, 1953) was an early patriarch in the Mormon fundamentalist movement and, with John Y. Barlow, co-founder of Short Creek, Arizona (later Colorado City, Arizona, and Hildale, Utah), home to the polygynous Short Creek Community.[1]


Richard Jessop (1838–1899) and Mary Ellen Shaffer Jessop (1848–1928)[2]


Martha Moore Yeates was born on July 8, 1871, married Joseph Smith Jessop (then 20 years old) at age 18, and died on June 27, 1938 at age 66.[3]

Gertrude Annie Marriott was born on June 29, 1909, married Joseph Smith Jessop (then 59 years old) at age 19 (Martha was 57), and died on February 16, 1952 at age 42.[4]


Martha had 14 children: Sarah Genevieve (known as Genevieve), Joseph Lyman, Richard Seth, Dowayne Neor, Violet, Ruby, Martha (known as Mattie), Vergel Yeates, Sylmar Greene, Fawnetta (known as Fawn), Millicent (who was a stillborn), Frederick Meade, John (Bill) Millward and Allie.

Annie had 8 children: Thomas Smith, Albert Marriott, William Marshall, Ellen, Joseph Charles and John Marion (twins), Hyrum Martin and Mabel Annie.