List of Emmerdale characters (1995)

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The following is a list of characters that first appeared in the British soap opera Emmerdale in 1995, by order of first appearance.

Nellie Dingle[edit]

Nellie Dingle
Emmerdale character
Portrayed by Sandra Gough (1995)
Maggie Tagney (2000)
Duration 1995, 2000
First appearance 24 January 1995
Last appearance 11 May 2000
Introduced by Mervyn Watson
Classification Former; regular
Home Ireland

Nellie Dingle (née Lynch) is the first wife of Zak Dingle and mother of Nathan, Ben, Butch, Sam and Tina. She originally featured throughout 1995 and left the village to go and care for her sick father in Ireland. Zak later divorced her. Nellie returned in February 2000 and attempting to win Zak back from his second wife Lisa. Nellie was devastated when Butch died of injuries sustained in a bus crash in March 2000. Nellie stayed for Butch's funeral and returned to Ireland.

Terry Woods[edit]

Sam Dingle[edit]

Joseph Tate[edit]

Joseph Tate
Emmerdale character
Portrayed by Oliver Young
Duration 1995–2005
First appearance 8 June 1995
Last appearance 22 September 2005
Introduced by Mervyn Watson
Classification Former; regular
Home New Zealand

Joseph Mark Tate is the son of Chris Tate and Rachel Hughes. He appeared from 1995 to 2005.

Joseph is born prematurely on 8 June 1995. He is named after Rachel's former stepfather, Joe Sugden, and her brother, Mark Hughes. Chris cannot be found when Rachel goes into labour, but Kathy Tate, Chris's ex-wife, stays with her and later becomes Joseph's godmother. Six months after Joseph's birth, Chris and Rachel get married but divorce two years later and Joseph lives with Rachel. In late 1998, she starts a relationship with Graham Clark. He murders her on 11 May 1999, and Joseph goes to live with Chris. In 2001, Chris marries Charity Dingle and Joseph chooses to go to boarding school. On 17 September 2003, Chris commits suicide due to a terminal illness, leaving Joseph an orphan. Chris's sister; Joseph's aunt Zoe then takes custody of Joseph and in 2005, they emigrate to New Zealand with Zoe's daughter, Jean.

Emma Nightingale[edit]

Emma Nightingale
Emmerdale character
Portrayed by Rachel Ambler
Duration 1995–96, 2004
First appearance 19 January 1995
Last appearance 1 June 2004
Introduced by Mervyn Watson (1995)
Steve Frost (2004)
Classification Former; regular
Occupation Businesswoman

Emma Nightingale is a fictional character in ITV's Emmerdale. She was played by Rachel Ambler and appeared from 1995–1996. She is famous for making the first lesbian kiss. Emma and Zoe Tate had a Blessing of their relationship on 16 May 1996. She returned in May 2004 after eight years away on Zoe's doorstep with flowers.