Joseph de Richery

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Rear-Admiral Joseph de Richery (13 September 1757, Allons, Alpes-de-Haute-Provence – 1798, Allons) was a French naval officer. He distinguished himself in the French Navy in the American Revolutionary War. From 1781 until 1785 he served in the Indian Ocean under Pierre André de Suffren de Saint Tropez. In 1793 he was promoted to Captain, but was relieved during the French Revolution due to his noble background. He was reinstated in 1794 and given the rank of Rear Admiral.

He commanded a squadron of 6 vessels and three frigates based in Toulon. After passing through Gibraltar, his squadron captured a convoy of trading vessels (around thirty vessels) close to Cadiz. In 1795, he carried out a raid on Saint-Domingue and captured another enemy convoy. His squadron then carried out raids on the British coasts of Newfoundland. His squadron also bombarded and destroyed English fisheries in the area. He died in Allons in 1798.