Joseph ibn Abitur

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Joseph ibn Abitur was a Spanish rabbi of around the 10th century. He was a student of Moses ben Hanoch.

Abitur was from a very prestigious Spanish family from the city of Mérida. His great great grandfather was a communal and Rabbinic leader. Besides being a great Torah scholar, Abitur was also a paytan of note. He also wrote a commentary on the Bible in Hebrew. When Moses ben Hanoch's son Hanoch was chosen to succeed his father, Abitur felt compelled to leave Spain and travel to the Yeshivas in Babel. On his way he stopped in Egypt before arriving in Baghdad. He eventually went to Damascus, where he died. He wrote many Teshuvas, some of which are extant.

According to Sefer ha-Qabbalah, during his stay in Egypt, Ibn Abitur produced an Arabic translation of the Talmud for the Fatimid Caliph al-Hakim bi-Amr Llah.


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