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Josephine Ho
Ho Chuen-juei
Josephine Ho 20070415.jpg
Josephine Ho in 2007
Born (1951-06-16) 16 June 1951 (age 70)
OccupationAcademic, feminist
Known forActivism for sexual and reproductive health and rights, sex-positive feminism
Spouse(s)Ning Yingbin 甯應斌
Academic background
Alma materNational Chengchi University
Academic work
DisciplineCultural studies
Main interestsSexuality
Josephine Ho
Traditional Chinese
Simplified Chinese

Josephine Chuen-juei Ho, is the chair of the English department of National Central University, Taiwan, and coordinator of its Center For the Study of Sexualities.[1][2]

She has withstood lawsuits directed at her outspokenness on gender and rights issues.[3][4][5] She is one of the most known feminist scholars in Taiwan. She is called "the godmother of the Taiwanese queer movement."[6]


She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the National Chengchi University, a Master of Science degree from the University of Pennsylvania, a Doctor of Education degree from the University of Georgia and a Doctor of Philosophy degree from Indiana University.[7]


As an activist, Ho has been drawing attention to women's rights in Taiwan since the 1990s. Though there were no laws criminalizing sexual harassment at the time, sexual assaults on women were increasingly reported in the news after the first legal case on sexual harassment was heard in 1989. In May 1994, Ho led Taiwan's first demonstration against sexual harassment, and devised its slogan, "We don’t want sexual harassment, we want orgasms. If you keep sexually harassing us, we’ll cut it off with a pair of scissors!"[8]

Zoophilia webpage incident[edit]

In April 2003, an article appeared in the China Times claiming that Ho's website had several pages that not only covered the topic of zoophilia, but actively promoted the practice, with images. 13 conservative groups collectively filed a complaint accusing Ho of making obscenities available to children.[9] This sensationalism led to thirteen Christian and conservative organizations collectively filing a complaint with the Taipei District Court. The process lasted for over one year, with a not guilty ruling returned on 15 September 2004, because the zoophilia pages were only one part of the website's essays and reports. Thus the incorporation of some pictures did not constitute an obscenity.[10]

The incident has been seen as an example of sensationalist media and received international attention as a perceived confrontation between conservative aspects of Taiwanese society and sexual freedom.[9][11]

Selected publications[edit]

  • Ho, Josephine (2015). "Localized trajectories of queerness and activism under global governance". In Tellis, Ashley; Bala, Sruti (eds.). The Global Trajectoies of Queerness: Re-thinking Same-Sex Politics in the Global South. Leiden & Boston: Brill; Rodopi. pp. 121–136.
  • He 何, Chunrui 春蕤 (1994). 豪爽女人: 女性主義與性解放 [The Gallant Woman--Feminism and Sexual Emancipation] (in Chinese). Taipei: Huangguan Wenxue Chuban.

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