Josephites (20th century)

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Josephites (Russian: иосифляне) so-called after the name of the Metropolitan Joseph (Petrovykh) of Petrograd – leader of resistance of the True Orthodox Church in 1927-1937. The resistance began after Metropolitan Sergius (Stragorodsky) issued formal declaration to all members of the Church, called for loyalty toward the Soviet government: “… We need to prove it by not words but deeds that not only those indifferent to the Orthodoxy, not only its betrayers can be loyal citizens of the Soviet Union but also its most fervent adherents for whom it is as dear as the truth and life with all its dogmas and traditions, all its canonical and service ways. We want to be Orthodox and simultaneously view the Soviet Union as our civil fatherland, whose joys and achievements are our joys and achievements and failures are our failures


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