Josh (The Outer Limits)

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The Outer Limits episode
Episode no.Season 4
Episode 7
Directed byJorge Montesi
Written byChris Ruppenthal
Production code4257
Original air dateMarch 6, 1998
Guest appearance(s)
Episode chronology
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"Relativity Theory"
Next →
"Rite of Passage"
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"Josh" is an episode of The Outer Limits television show. It was first broadcast on March 6, 1998, during the fourth season.

Opening narration[edit]


Tabloid TV reporter Judy Warren (Kate Vernon) knows she's come across a big story when she sees the videotape shot by two tourists in a remote Alaskan park. The tape shows Josh Butler (Alex McArthur), a recluse who lives in a cabin near the park, bringing back to life a young girl who has died after a fall, a feat he accomplishes by generating a mysterious blue glow. But, she only discovers how big a story it is when her pursuit of the strange young man is cut short by a top-secret military unit that is also chasing him.

It seems that the blue glow sent out electromagnetic pulses that knocked out two satellites orbiting 20,000 miles above the Earth, and the Air Force wants to know what's going on. A battery of tests doesn't produce any answers, leaving the brass, led by Col. Roger Tennent and Major Samuel Harbeck, to debate whether Butler is an alien or an angel—someone to be dissected or to be worshipped. Warren doesn't know what Josh is either, but she knows she doesn't trust the soldiers to make the right choice. This prompts her to try to save the recluse. The episode ends with Josh ascending back to his home while Judy chooses to destroy this information rather than divulge it.

Closing narration[edit]

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