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Josh Bernstein
Josh Bernstein.png
Josh Bernstein in 2016
New Jersey, United States
OccupationTV show host, professional speaker, Master of Ceremonies for political activities

Josh Bernstein is an American conservative talk show host, news anchor,[1] media personality,[2] commentator, and a Master of Ceremonies for political activities.[3] He is best known for hosting The Josh Bernstein Show, a television news show featured on Amazon TV,[4] Roku TV, YouTube,[5] and Stitcher.[6] The weekly program has been named in the Top Talk Radio's "Top 100 Conservative All Stars List."[7]


The Josh Bernstein Show began as an internet podcast in 2014. Since then it has evolved into a live-recorded TV show with weekly guests. Josh Bernstein has appeared on radio and television programs as an analyst and political pundit.[citation needed]

Bernstein has contributed to The Clint Bellows Show,[8] The Neutral Medical Report W/Dr. Bill,[9] The Allan Nathan Show, and The Lars Larson Show.[10]

As a commentator and analyst, Josh Bernstein has been featured by multiple publications including Forbes,[11] Newsmax,[12] The Dove,[13] The Atlantic,[14] One America News Network, PIJN News,[15] and the USA Today magazine (not related to the USA Today newspaper).[16] In addition, Josh has also been a contributor to Breitbart News,,[17] and The Daily Wire.[18]

August 18, 2017, Josh Bernstein interviewed Milo Yiannopoulos.[19]


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