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Josh Moody is Senior Pastor of College Church[1] in Wheaton, Illinois.[2][3]

Education and career[edit]

Moody grew up in Greater London,[4] England, in an Anglican family. He lives in Chicagoland,[5] Wheaton, Illinois with his wife Rochelle and four children. He went to Felsted School[6] and holds his MA Cantab.[7] in History and PhD in Theology from Cambridge University. He did a Research Fellowship[8] at Yale Divinity School.[9] He was President of the Cambridge Inter-Collegiate Christian Union.

Moody served with the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students[10] in the Republic of Georgia and in Azerbaijan. He was on pastoral staff at Romford Evangelical Church in London and at Eden Baptist Church in Cambridge. Until 2008 he was Senior Pastor of Trinity Baptist Church in New Haven, Connecticut. He was a Fellow[11][12] of Jonathan Edwards College,[13] Yale University from 2007-2011.

He is the author of various books[14] and articles,[15][16] most recently Seven Days to Change your Life.[17] He writes a monthly column[18] for Evangelicals Now.[19][better source needed] He is an expository preacher.[20][21][22][23][24][25] He is interviewed by various media including Moody Radio[26][27] and Christianity Today.[28][29] He is a Jonathan Edwards scholar.[30] He is the Founder and President of God Centered Life Ministries, whose Ministry Council members include David Dockery, Phil Ryken, Bill Pollard, Douglas Moo, Greg Thornbury, Andreas Kostenberger, Duane Litfin, Ed Stetzer.




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