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Josh A. Webber is an award winning Canadian independent filmmaker, director, producer, and screenwriter. A graduate of the New York Film Academy in New York City (2009), he has pursued a career working on commercials, television programs, short and feature films.

His first short film, Batter Up (2009), won the Golden Honu Award for Best Family Short in the Big Island Film Festival[1] and received awards in several North American Film Festivals including Best Family Film in the Palm Beach International Film Festival, and Best Canadian Film in the Young Cuts Film Festival.

Webber has written, directed and produced several feature films including A Broken Code (2012), There Is Many Like Us (2015),[2][3] American Rackets (2017), Secrets of Deception (2017), and Never Heard (2017).[4]

Webber has also worked as the Director of Photography and editor on several television programs and with corporate clients such as General Motors, Ford, McDonald's, DreamWorks, Warner Brothers, Budweiser, and Red Bull to produce promotional videos, documentaries, and commercials.



  • Ben Baller Show (2012–2013) (Season 1, 6 episodes; Season 2, 8 episodes) [Director of Photography]
  • In Reverie (2012–2013) (11 episodes) [Director of Photography]
  • Art of Punk (2013) (8 episodes) [Director of Photography]

Short Films

  • Batter Up (2009) [Director, Producer, Writer, Editor]
  • In His Shadow (2012) [Director of Photography]
  • Bang (2013) [Director of Photography]
  • White Wedding (2015) [Director, Producer, Director of Photography, Editor]
  • Down the Scale (2015) [Director, Director of Photography, Editor]


  • 2012 A Broken Code - (Azienda) Director, Producer, Director of Photography, Editor
  • 2015 Newark Ave - Director, Director of Photography, Editor]
  • 2015 There Is Many Like Us (documentary film) - Director, Producer, Writer, Director of Photography, Editor [5]
  • 2017 Secrets of Deception - Director, Producer, Writer, Editor
  • 2018 Never Heard - Producer
  • American Rackets (In production) [Director, Producer, Director of Photography, Editor]


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