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Josh Zuckerman
Josh Zuckerman in Palm Springs CA Nov 2014.jpg
Josh Zuckerman performing in Palm Springs, California on November 8, 2014
Background information
Born (1970-08-18) August 18, 1970 (age 48)
OriginSt Louis, Missouri, U.S.
GenresRock - Alternative - Pop
Years active1996-present
LabelsIndie Label PLH Records
Associated actsJosh Zuckerman Band - China White - Up With People
Past membersPaul Galiszewski, drummer - Jacque Jobes, bass - Tom Briant, Lead guitar - Steve Devito, Lead Guitar - Ricardo Rodriguez, Bass Player,

Josh Zuckerman (born August 18, 1970) is an American performer, musician, singer, songwriter and recording artist. In 2014, Josh Zuckerman released his fifth original, studio album titled - Background Static of Perpetual Discontent. He is an Independent Recording Artist. Much of his original music has been featured on Logo TV, MTV Beta and CMT online, ==Sirius/XM Radio(r) & a variety of TV shows.

As of 2018, Josh Zuckerman is currently working in the studio on a brand new 3 song EP with longtime childhood dream-come-true drummer, Thommy Price and bassist, Gary Ryan. With "Joan Jett and The Blackhearts" Thommy Price was the drummer on the hit I Hate Myself For Loving You and has remained a drummer with the band for over 30 years. He was also a member of Billy Idol's band, "Scandal" and "Flame". Gary Ryan, a recent Hall Of Fame inductee, was an original member of "Joan Jett and The Blackhearts" and played on various hits from I Love Rock and Roll to Bad Reputation and many more.

Josh Zuckerman's single When We Dance is featured in the new movie "Out To Kill" © 2014 and he has a cameo acting part in the Independent film Touch: A Love Story starring Patrick Boyd.

The Josh Zuckerman discography includes 5 CDs with Background Static of Perpetual Discontent, Mr. Z and the Shashka Frashkas -From A to Mr. Z, Got Love?, Out From Under, A Totally New Sensation and the single All I Want For Christmas with the former band 'China White', with friend and drummer, Paul Galiszewski. His music is distributed nationally throughout the U.S.A., and is also bought worldwide.

Josh Zuckerman writes, records and performs original music and plays the guitar, violin and some piano. He performs nationally with original music and some cover songs by other musicians, per the credits on his five album liner notes.

He has released 15 music videos, some featured on MTV-Beta and VH1 Online,[1] Logo,, his website and his page.

Zuckerman's albums contain original music compositions and original lyrics, while some of his early work shows his talent musically where he fiddles with the violin; fusing the country music and rock/pop sound. Josh Zuckerman's motto, from his website, is: "Be who you are, Be Real, it's all about love..."

Early life[edit]

Josh Zuckerman was raised in St. Louis, Missouri. At the age of eight he was introduced to violin, which he studied for the next five years, while Zuckerman's interest moved to rock'n roll. After a few years and gigs in several cover bands, Josh began to write his own music. As stated on his website, Josh was inspired by the sounds of the East Coast of the United States, and moved to New Jersey in 1989.

Zuckerman performed local and inter-state shows with the defunct band 'China White' from 1990 to 1996.[2] He went solo in 1996 and toured extensively, while he also performed with the group, Up With People from 1996 through 1998. Josh Zuckerman became a full-time New Jersey school teacher in 2002.

Rocco Colella of Edge Media Network wrote, "While...his other early influences, from Bon Jovi to Kiss, don't top his list of favorite musicians today, Zuckerman cannot deny their influence on his music. '(Joan Jett) and these artists had really strong hooks and melodies, which is what I focus on with my music, in terms of hooks and chorus," he said. 'Back in those days, people really put on a show.' As a child of the 80s, Zuckerman remembers these artists very well and 20 years later tries to incorporate these antics into his own musical and performance stylings."[3]

Early career[edit]

Before his recording music career, Josh Zuckerman was a teacher at Highlands Elementary School in Highlands, New Jersey.

He has performed internationally, with many sold-out shows; over 40.000 people at the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta, Georgia supporting Peabo Bryson, as well as the 1998 World Expo, in Lisbon, Portugal, and the 2005 World Expo in Nagoya, Japan. His tours have included the United States, Canada, Japan, Bermuda, Germany, France, Belgium, Sweden, Norway, Poland as well as Thailand.

In 2003, due to his first original album, he was nominated for the OMA's 'Outstanding Songwriter of the Year' and for 'Outstanding Debut Male'. He took third place in the International Songwriting Competition for his song When Love Comes Back Again. Clips of his songs Karma, Spiritual and Circle of Friends appeared on the Kathy Griffin's reality TV Cable show My Life on the D-List on Bravo. Josh Zuckerman's song, Be Real was played on Be Real, a reality TV series on MTV/Logo TV.

Josh Zuckerman and his band members have donated much of their musical talents performing for many charitable events including the American Red Cross, HRC for kids in NYC, 4-H for kids, Relay for Life (a breast cancer benefit), The Matthew Shepard Foundation, The Robert Mapplethorpe Residence and The Rivington House for people affected by HIV and many others. After Super Storm Sandy devastated the New Jersey Shore, Zuckerman and his band performed fundraisers to help raise money for the victims of the disaster. He has donated performances to various New York City Charities, including Life Beat, for the GLBT Community to raise funds for HIV prevention and research.

Zuckerman has performed alongside musical artists; such as, Macy Gray, The Indigo Girls, Sophie B. Hawkins and Joan Jett, per the Archived Shows page on his website. He also has performed Live on SiriusXM / Out Q in the morning with Larry Flick many times and especially for their World AIDS Day 2006 show along with Martha Wash and Cyndi Lauper.


A Totally New Sensation 2002[edit]

Josh Zuckerman's first album, A Totally New Sensation, was released on the indie label PLH Records in 2002. The title track received limited airplay and its accompanying music video was popular with some success online among the gay community. The album received positive reviews and Zuckerman promoted it mostly by performing at Gay Pride events and nightclubs across the United States.

Zuckerman is quoted in his website to say "this studio album was a catalyst to my solo career and introduced me to a larger audience. With the first single receiving online attention by national media and through print publications, my career was catapulted to a new level."

This album was recorded and produced by longtime friend and bass player, from the defunct band 'China White', Edward Dalley.

A Totally New Sensation - 2002 Tracks 1. Totally New Sensation, 2. Been Thinking, 3. Spiritual, 4. Forgiveness, 5. Karma, 6. When Love Comes Back Again, 7. Missing You, 8. Just As Well, 9. A Place That I Call Home, 10. The Only Way To You Is Through Me, 11. Circle Of Friends, 12. The Devil Went Down To Georgia - Cover -

  • A Totally New Sensation Liner Notes

Out From Under 2006[edit]

Josh Zuckerman's second album, Out From Under, was released in 2006. It is a 13-track CD of original material. The album features Steve DeVito of The Secret Syde.

After the album's release, the first single Out From Under, soared to number one for four weeks on Sirius Satellite Radio in 2006. The tracks Be Real and Something Inside would do the same several weeks later. The music video for Out From Under was ranked #1 for 8 consecutive weeks for 2006 on MTV Logo's The Click List and ranked #4 for 4 consecutive weeks for 2006 on Sirius XM OutQ. Josh Zuckerman's music videos, Something Inside and Be Real, found heavy rotation on the MTV / Logo Channel.

During this time, bass player Ricardo Rodriguez joined the band.

From, Jennifer Layton, "Always one of my indie faves. Josh is country, he's edgy, he's sophisitcated and he's playful. He brings everything to the table - his spiritual nature, his love of rock and roll, his string-scorching violin playing and his brazenly honest lyrics. Zuckerman's CD, Out From Under, is stamped with the words BE REAL. I get the feeling this artist wouldn't know how to be anything else. Good thing for us."

"Josh sings, 'I don't give a damn, as long as I am true to who I am,' in his sophomore album, Out From Under. And, evident by the album's title track holding first place for many weeks on the Sirius Out Q Radio Hot List, audiences everywhere love him for it." ~ Jason P. Freeman, Chicago Pride.[4]

In 2007, Josh Zuckerman performed for former Presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich, Jon Corzine, and other prominent Democratic Party members.

In 2007, the music video Another Reason was released and was highly requested on Spike TV and highly regarded for being uniquely and completely animated with its science fiction storyline.

He toured the United States and on Cruise Ships extensively in support of his album, the largest show being before 50,000 attendees in Red Bank, New Jersey.

Out From Under - 2006 Tracks 1. Out From Under, 2. Authenticity, 3. Piece of Me, 4. Something Inside, 5. Guilt And Shame, 6. Be Real, 7. How Long Am I Suppose To Be Alone, 8. If You'd Be With Me, 9. Soul Driver, 10. Another Reason, 11. Roses, 12. Say What You Want, 13. Taking Care Of Me

  • Out From Under Liner Notes

Got Love? 2009[edit]

Josh Zuckerman's third album, Got Love? was released in 2009. It is a 12-track CD of original material. This album received high praise for the production value and lyrics by magazines and indie critics with reviews from Edge Magazine - Boston, TimeOut NYC. Bay Windows - New England, PM Entertainment and Instinct Magazine; among many others.

Dallas - Posted July 22, 2010, "While he's touring to support Got Love?, his music and videos have received attention on both LogoTV and its parent network, MTV. A recent gig opening for R&B divas En Vogue helped expand his exposure to a broader audience."

Per Josh's Sirius XM interview posted on on Jan. 13, 2011, and Archived Shows, he opened a show for En-Vogue at a Kansas City Pride Event June 6, 2010.

Zuckerman performed nationally with a full band in support of Got Love?

Got Love? - 2009 Tracks 1. To Be Today, 2. Got Love, 3. I Thought You Loved Me, 4. Let Love In, 5. Mother I, 6. If Prayer, 7. Fall In Love Again, 8. When We Dance, 9. My Inspiration, 10. Take, 11. Our Wedding Song, 12. Small Percentile

  • Got Love? Liner Notes

Mr. Z and the Shashka Frashka 2012[edit]

Josh Zuckerman's fourth album, Mr. Z and the Shashka Frashkas From A to Mr. Z was released in 2012. It is a CD of original music geared to children of early elementary school age.

Josh Zuckerman is a Kindergarten Teacher in New Jersey and he has stated on his CD Release, "This long awaited CD had been in the works for almost 6 years. "Mr. Z and the Shashka Frashkas" is a perfect CD for parents and children. Mr.Z puts the fun in learning with just enough eclectic sounds of today's modern music!" ~ Josh Zuckerman from

Zuckerman's video release, It Starts With You received thousands of views on and has become a motivational and positive message for parents, teachers and students across the nation.

Mr. Z and the Shashka Frashkas- From A To Mr. Z - 2012 Tracks 1. Up To Town, 2. There's 26 Letters, 3. The Calendar Song, 4. I Want A Little Money This Time, 5. How We Write The Teens, 6. Rhyme Time, 7. I'm A Dinosaur, 8. It Starts With You, 9. Play The Song, 10. The Sounds That The Alphabet Makes, 11. Mr. Z'zzz Lullaby 12. The ABC Blues (A-F), 13. The ABC Blues (G-L), 14. The ABC Blues (M-S)

  • Mr. Z and the Shashka Frashkas" Liner Notes

Background Static of Perpetual Discontent 2014[edit]

Josh Zuckerman's fifth album, Background Static of Perpetual Discontent was released in 2014.

Background Static Of Perpetual Discontent - 2014 Tracks 1. Face The Music, 2. The Turn Around, 3. Cause I'm Gone, 4. I Just Want To Be Me, 5. Guilty Pleasure, 6. Go, 7. Human Connection, 8. Evaporate, 9. Bandage, 10. I Fall Down, 11. Apart 12. What About Me?, 13. Who's That Cat?

  • Background Static of Perpetual Discontent Liner Notes

Music videos[edit]

  • A Totally New Sensation 2002,
  • Out From Under 2006 - #1 for 6 weeks on Logo & 4 weeks on Sirius XM Satellite
  • Something Inside 2006,
  • Be Real 2007 - #1 for 4 weeks on MTV/Logo 2007,
  • Another Reason 2008,
  • Got Love? 2009,
  • I Thought You Loved Me 2010
  • Fall In Love Again 2010,
  • Starts With You 2012,
  • The Turn Around 2013,
  • Cause I'm Gone 2014,
  • Evaporate 2015,
  • Guilty Pleasure 2016,
  • Who's That Cat 2016,
  • Apart 2017

Band members[edit]

Josh Zuckerman - Band Leader, Lead Guitar, Singer, Producer Paul Galiszewski - Drummer - Lead Guitar - Bass


  • First National Tour in 1996; included 16 States and Bermuda with European tours in September / Switzerland, October / Belgium, November / Germany and December / France.
  • 1997 National Tour - 15 States
  • 1998 European Tour - January / Finland, February / Sweden, March / Denmark and Germany, April and May / Belgium and Germany, and June / Portugal and France.

...more to be added.[5]


In 2014, the single Dance With Me from the Album, Got Love? (2009) was released on the Out To Kill Movie Soundtrack.[6]

With the release of his fifth album, Josh Zuckerman and his band, with friend and drummer Paul Galiszewski, Lead Guitar Tom Briant. Bass Player Julian Michalski; along with, musicians Taylor Tote and Andrez Zee Fredericks, performed a headlining show at The Stone Pony in Asbury Park, NJ on October 24, 2014 to promote and jump-start a planned tour of the United States. Friend and Drummer, Paul Galisewski was a collaborator and Recording Artist as the Drummer on the Album and a major part of the CD release in 2014 and a co-producer of their band's show.

In 2012, the single Authenticity from the Album, Out From Under (2006) was released on the Going Down in La La Land Movie Soundtrack.[7]

Josh Zuckerman is currently a Kindergarten teacher at an Elementary School in New Jersey and resides in Howell, New Jersey, U.S.A.

Press Clippings[edit]

"'Zuckerman confidently combines blue collar grit, hard rock energy and big, memorable hooks in a manner reminiscent of the style that's worked so well for Sayerville, NJ native son Jon Bon Jovi for so many decades, and it's encouraging to see a performer of Zuckerman's caliber stepping up with this release, his fifth album.

The record's first two tracks go a long way to showing Zuckerman's abilities, as he opens with the hard-rocking "Face the music", then quickly does a mellow about-face with the strummy, menacingly twangy "The Turn Around".

He scores throughout the record, swinging from the breathy Prince-style rocker "Bandage" to "Human Connection," a tender ballad bemoaning the loss of personal connection in the digital age. But, he saves the best for (almost) last, knocking it out of the park with the album's penultimate track, the Taylor Tote duet "What About Me?"' ~ Asbury Park Press - Alex Biese, Oct. 23, 2014

"If you're up for the ride, Zuckerman will give you a breathlessly wild one."

"Zuckerman emerges as a fresh new talent who manages to create and skillfully walk his own unique path in the increasingly diverse field of contemporary music." -Frontiers News Magazine

"Prepare yourself to be taken aback by music that is every bit as much a spiritual journey as it harmonious. The music of Josh Zuckerman is music with a higher state of consciousness. His lyrics are of the metaphysical persuasion, which compels you to consider what he is singing rather than just listen." -Tampa Bay Gazette

"Zuckerman who sings, plays guitar and violin, and writes nifty pop tunes has a bubbly pop rock energy." -Windy City Times

"His music comes from the heart and his sincerity is felt from start to finish." -Gayly Oklahoman

"Zuckerman's CD poses a universal riddle that becomes an instant anthem and I loved it." -Shore World

"On his debut CD A Totally New Sensation, adorably cute singer-songwriter Josh Zuckerman sings about "New visions of forgiveness in doggie-style positions" and covers Charlie Daniels' "The Devil Went Down To Georgia." Needless to say we were intrigued." -Instinct Magazine

"No, he's not your average rocker, Josh Zuckerman considers his music alternative pop rock. His favorite artists include No Doubt, The Pretenders, Sheryl Crow, Sting and Bon Jovi. Their influences can be felt on his first solo album "A Totally New Sensation." -HX Magazine

"A Totally New Sensation, All of the tunes are original, except for a cover of The Charlie Daniels Band's "The Devil Went Down to Georgia." Zuckerman, an accomplished violinist, tackles the ambitious fiddle parts with aplomb." -Time Out New York

"The buzz is big on this New Jersey Rocker. All in all, the new album is solid pop rock."[8]


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