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This article is about the family name. For other uses, see Joshi (disambiguation).

Joshi is a surname used by brahmins in India and Nepal. The name is popularly derived from the Sanskrit word Jyotisha (Sanskrit: ज्योतिष, IAST: Jyotiṣa), referring to Vedic astrology and astronomy; in turn, Jyotisha is derived from Jyotish ("light bringer or reflect light like sun").[1][2] Joshi is a common family name in the Indian states of Uttarakhand, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Karnataka, Odisha, Andhra Pradesh and Punjab. In Nepal, it is adopted by two different ethnic groups, the Kumai (Khas) Bahun and the Chatharīya (Kshatriya) Newars.[3]

In the Marathi populated Deccan (Chitpavan Brahmans), the last name Joshi is pronounced as ज़ोशी (dental J, closer to Z) as opposed to जोशी in rest of India and Nepal.

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