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Also known as Jaguar, M-Pire
Origin Los Angeles, California
Genres Hard rock, heavy metal, pop rock, Christian rock/metal
Years active 1980–present
Labels RCA
Associated acts Shout
Members Joshua Perahia
Mark Boals
Scott Warren
Bryan Fleming
Dino Maddalone
Past members See: Former members

Joshua is a Christian metal band that formed in 1980.[1] The band re-formed many times under differing names, but has remained centered on guitarist Joshua Perahia. Despite being based in Los Angeles, California, they are best known internationally - in Europe, Japan, and South America.[2]


The band's first release was entitled The Hand Is Quicker Than The Eye, which referred to Perahia's well known guitar skills. Released by Enigma Records in 1983, the single "November Is Going Away" was the band's biggest hit, achieving No. 1 status in Japan.[2] Front man Perahia had a religious experience at a Hal Lindsey-lead bible study in 1983, and converted to Protestant Christianity from his Greek Orthodox upbringing.[2]

Perahia put together a new band for Surrender which involved Jeff Fenholt.[2] Surrender was released on RCA Records in 1985. Lyrically, the album marked a change in the band's style to lyrics which were evangelical and confrontational in nature.[2] Rob Rock was involved with their third album as Joshua, Intense Defense. Intense Defense, which was produced by Dieter Dierks, was characterized by the editor of HM Magazine as being "probably the best melodic metal album in the universe."[3] It sold well worldwide, but not in the United States.[3] Following Intense, Perahia reformed the band as Jaguar. Jaguar included Robert Basauri on vocals[2] Joe Tafoya on drums and Bryan Fleming on Bass. The band changed members while entertaining record deals and never released material under this name.[3]

In 1995, the group re-formed as M Pire. They released one album under this name, Chapter One, though it was never released in the US. The band then changed names again, to Joshua Perahia. Perahia states "We went back (from MPire to Joshua) to re-fire.... re-ignite what we had before."[3] The band found themselves without a permanent vocalist, and hired Alex Ligertwood of Santana to fill the spot on Something to Say. However, while in production the band recruited Jerry Gabriel and re-recorded the vocals. As a result, the album (except one track) contains the Gabriel lead vocals, and the Ligertwood vocals are available in the DVD release.[3] One song, "The First and the Last" appeared on the Larry Buchanan directed movie The Copper Scroll of Mary Magdalene in 2004.[2]

Other projects[edit]

Members of Joshua have long been involved in various musical scenes. Surrender vocalist Jeff Fenholt was the former lead singer of the broadway musical Jesus Christ Superstar. Beyond his involvement with Jesus Christ Superstar, Fenholt worked briefly with Tony Iommi and Driver and later made regular appearances on the Trinity Broadcasting Network. Frontman Robyn Kyle Basauri was later in the Christian metal band Die Happy and the Badlands offshoot Red Sea.[2] Rob Rock had briefly been involved with Impellitteri, and would later return to the band. The Christian band Shout was formed in 1987 by three members of Joshua - Joseph Galletta, Loren Robinson, and Ken Tamplin, who also had a successful solo career.

Several members were also in metal bands, mostly based in the LA area. Mahlon Hawk formed Centerfold in 1987 with Kurt Wada.[4] Steve Fontaine briefly replaced Peter Goalby in Uriah Heep,[5] and Rich Ortz later provided vocals for Sixty Nine.[6] Donnie Gougeon joined White Sister in 1985,[7] and Emil Lech appeared on the final Sound Barrier album, Speed of Light (1986).[8] He was also in the band Driver, which at one point also included Rob Rock and Greg Shultz.[9]


Studio albums[edit]

  • The Hand is Quicker than the Eye LP (1983)
  • Surrender (1985)
  • Intense Defense (1988)
  • Chapter One (1995)
  • Something to Say (2001)
  • Resurrection (2012)


  • The Hand Is Quicker Than the Eye (1982)

Compilation albums[edit]

  • Righteous Metal (1991)
  • A Feast For The Ears (Ocean Records) (1992)
  • Double Trouble: The Hand Is Quicker Than the Eye & Surrender (1995)
  • Talkin' To Angels (2003)
  • Fireworks the melodic rock magazine feel the heat (2012)


All era's-Joshua Perahia

  • Joshua Perahia - guitar (1980–Present)

First LP

  • Joshua Perahia - guitars
  • Mahlon Hawk - bass
  • Donnie Gougeon - keyboard
  • Michael Morris - rhythm guitar
  • Anthony Zaccaglin - drums
  • Steve Fontaine - vocals

Second LP

Third LP

Fourth LP

  • Joshua Perahia - guitars
  • Michael O'Mara - vocals
  • Eric Stoskopf - drums
  • Joey Rochrich - bass

Fifth LP

  • Joshua Perahia - guitars
  • Jerry Gabriel - vocals
  • Alex Ligertwood - vocals
  • Jason Scheff - vocals
  • Eric Stoskopf - drums
  • Joey Rochrich - bass
  • Richard Baker - keyboards

Sixth LP


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Further reading[edit]

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