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Joshua A.C. Newman is a role-playing game designer.


Newman is the designer of the Indie role-playing games Under the Bed (2005), Shock: Social Science Fiction (2006), Beowulf (2008), Shock:Human Contact (2010), and The Bloody-Handed Name of Bronze (2016). His publishing imprint is called the glyphphress.

In 2012, Joshua A.C. Newman worked with Vincent Baker in a new iteration of the Mechaton rules called Mobile Frame Zero 001: Rapid Attack (2012); this was then used by Newman as the basis of a successful Kickstarter.[1] Rapid Attack was followed by Mobile Frame Zero 002: Intercept Orbit, a carrier-based spaceship battle game in the same universe.

Personal life[edit]

He resides in Northampton, Massachusetts, where he is also a book and graphic designer. He teaches game design at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst College of Information and Computer Sciences.

The homepage of the glyphpress leads to Newman's blog, xenoglyph, concerned with many forms of speculative art and design, not limited to games.

Roleplaying bibliography[edit]

Newman has also contributed to the book design of several other indie roleplaying games.


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