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Joshua Davis
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OccupationWriter, Journalist, Filmmaker, Co-Founder of Epic Magazine

Joshua Davis (born 1974) is an American writer, film producer and co-founder of Epic Magazine. Davis is best known for writing a number of non-fiction pieces that have been optioned for film and television.[1]

Davis is a contributing editor at Wired magazine. His work has been anthologized in the 2006 and 2007 editions of "The Best of Technology Writing"[2] as well as the 2007 edition of "The Best American Science Writing."[3] He has also written for The New Yorker[4] and other major magazines.[5]

Davis' first book, The Underdog, was published by Random House in 2005.[6] It chronicles Davis' entry into unusual competitions around the world, including the World Armwrestling Championship in Gdynia, Poland. His article "La Vida Robot," about four teenage immigrants who build an underwater robot, was adapted into a movie called Spare Parts by Lionsgate[7] starring George Lopez, Jamie Lee Curtis and Marisa Tomei. It premiered in January 2015.[8]

In 2013, Davis and Joshuah Bearman formed Epic Magazine,[9] a digital magazine and production company specializing in true stories.[10] Davis and Bearman have sold twenty articles to Hollywood, with two films produced.[11] As of November 2015, they have a first-look deal with Twentieth Century Fox.[12] Davis, in partnership with J. J. Abrams and Bad Robot, also produced the short documentary series "Moon Shot," which chronicles the work of those competing for the Google Lunar X Prize.[13]

In 2014, Davis was selected as a Finalist for a National Magazine Award in Feature Writing.[14] He lives in San Francisco, California.


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