Joshua Jennifer Espinoza

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Joshua Jennifer Espinoza
Born (1987-12-17) December 17, 1987 (age 31)
ResidenceRiverside, California, US
Notable work
i'm alive / it hurts / i love it THERE SHOULD BE FLOWERS

Joshua Jennifer Espinoza (born December 17, 1987)[1] is an American poet from Riverside, California.[2] On September 16, 2014, she published her first full-length poetry book, i'm alive / it hurts / i love it, with Boost House, a small Maine press. In this book, she covers topics like mental illness, coming out as a transgender woman, as well as more traditional subjects like love, anger, and beauty.[3]

Espinoza's works have been published in various literary magazines, journals, and websites, including PEN America,[4] Lambda Literary,[5] The Offing,[6] Shabby Doll House,[7] Electric Cereal,[8] and Voicemail Poems.[9]

In August 2016 her second collection THERE SHOULD BE FLOWERS was published by Civil Coping Mechanisms.[10]


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