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Joshua Mintz, deputy to the president, TV Azteca

Joshua David Mintz (born August 22, 1965 in Mexico City) is a Mexican television executive and producer.

Since January 2016 he is a deputy to the president of the Mexican network TV Azteca. In his current role, Mintz leads the strategy and execution behind the network´s primetime programming restructure that is taking place as part of the reinvention of the network since its new CEO, Benjamin Salinas, took office in 2015.[1][2]


In 2006, Mintz joined Azteca America as director of Programming[3] and shortly thereafter was promoted to director of Programming, Production and Operations.

Mintz is the executive vice president of scripted programming and general manager at Telemundo Television Studios, a division of NBCUniversal.[4] Mintz is in charge of Telemundo Media fiction and drama productions in the U.S. and Mexico. He also oversees new third-party co-productions.[5] In early 2012, Mintz led the formation of new partnerships with two entertainment entities. He oversaw a distribution pact that was made with Mexican television network Cadena 3 and signed a production agreement for several telenovelas with Argos TV.[6] Mintz served as executive producer of the Globo TV/Telemundo series Marido en Alquiler.[7]

In 2011, he signed longtime Univision talk show host Cristina Saralegui for a new talk show on Telemundo, Pa'lante con Cristina.[8] Under Mintz, Telemundo produced La Reina del Sur, a telenovela that premiered to more viewers than any other show in Telemundo history.[9][10] The show's May 2011 season finale recorded the highest ratings in network history.[11] According to NPR, Mintz said the show deserved an Emmy Award for attracting millions of viewers.[12]

Prior to his general manager position, Mintz was vice president of strategic development for Telemundo.[13] He has also held leadership or production positions at Televisa, Azteca América and Univision.[14]


Mintz is married to retired telenovela actress Sarah Mintz. They announced in December 2013 that they were expecting twin babies.[15] This is in addition to two children, Daniela and Alex, from his first marriage to fellow television executive Veronica Pimstein.


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