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Joshua Simon, 2011

Joshua Simon (Hebrew: יהושע סימון) is an art curator, writer and filmmaker born in Tel Aviv, Israel. In March 2012 he curated the exhibition Iran[1] in opposition to Israeli government plans to go to war with Iran in order to prevent war with Iran.[2] Also in 2012 he was pointed chief curator of The Bat Yam art Museum[3] in the city of Bat Yam, Israel.


Installation view of The Unreadymade, curated by Joshua Simon with works by Harald Thys and Jos de Gruyter, Michael E. Smith, Asaf Koriat, Francesco Finizio, Joe Scanlan and Elisheva Levy, at FormContent, London, Dec. 2010

Simon has worked with Anri Sala [1] as curator and art critic. In addition he is co-editor of several publications: Maayan dedicated to poetry and ideas (alongside Roy Arad), Maarvon (Western) dedicated to film, and The New & The Bad, a periodical dedicated to art, based in the Middle East.

His exhibitions include Sharon (2004, Tel Aviv), Blanks (2005, Tel Aviv), Doron (2007, Tel Aviv), Come to Israel it's Hot and Wet and we have the Humus (2008, Storefront, NYC), Internazional (2008, Left Bank Israel communist party culture club, Tel Aviv), Unreadymade (2011, formContent, London), ReCoCo (2011-12 Zurich-Vienna-Holon).

Joshua Simon is one of the founders of the Free Academy group in Tel Aviv and curator of the first Herzliya Biennial.

Simon has curated many exhibitions, most of them political or social. He curated Anihu in Herzliya Museum of Art (2005) and Sharon (2004) that put parallel lines between Ariel Sharon and the Sharon region in Israel. In May 2006, Simon curated the exhibition Doron ("gift" in Hebrew), which refers to Doron Sabag (דורון סבג), an Israeli art patron and a CEO of O.R.S. human resources, and explored the connection between art and labour rights in Israel. In September 2007 Simon curated the first Israeli biennial, the Herzliya Biennial presenting more than 70 artists.

Cinema and poetry[edit]

Simon's film The Radicals (2001) was screened in numerous festivals worldwide. It tells the story of a group of young people spraying "jerUSAlem" on the western wall. In 2011 Simon began working on a film project called PushUp.

Simon is the author of the poetry book National Citizens. In the first issue of Ma'ayan he published a list called "The Prince", exploring his life and views on the world from A to Z.


In the business magazine Firma (a Globes supplement), Simon has published articles since 2002 on various issues, including interviews with Menahem Golan, the former education minister Limor Livnat, the former defence minister Amir Peretz, and the Israeli Prime ministers Ehud Ulmert and Benjamin Netanyahu.


Simon, Joshua (2013). Neomaterialism. Anna Altman (ed.). Berlin: Sternberg Press. ISBN 978-3-943365-08-5.

Key concepts[edit]

Simon's work is often identified with several concepts. Some of these are:

  • The Curatorial [2]
  • Unreadymade [3]
  • The Overqualified [4]
  • Dividual [5]


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