Joshua Tenenbaum

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Josh Tenenbaum
Citizenship United States
Alma mater Yale University
Known for Bayesian cognitive science
Scientific career
Fields Artificial intelligence
Cognitive science
Institutions Stanford University
Thesis A Bayesian Framework for Concept Learning (1999)
Doctoral advisor Whitman Richards
Doctoral students Rebecca Saxe

Joshua Brett Tenenbaum is Professor of Cognitive Science and Computation at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.[1] He is known for contributions to mathematical psychology and Bayesian cognitive science. Tenenbaum previously taught at Stanford University, where he was the Wasow Visiting Fellow from October 2010 to January 2011.[2]


Tenenbaum received his undergraduate degree in physics from Yale University in 1993, and his Ph.D. from MIT in 1999.[3] His work primarily focuses on analyzing probabilistic inference as the engine of human cognition and as a means to develop machine learning.

Tenenbaum is the son of Internet commerce pioneer Jay Martin Tenenbaum.[4]


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