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Josi W. Konski (born April 28 in Havana, Cuba) is a film producer. Arriving in the US from Cuba at a young age, Josi finished H. B. Plant High School in Tampa, Florida then studied to become an aeronautical engineer at Embry–Riddle Aeronautical University. Afterwards, he obtained a minor in film and upon graduation served with the US Air Force for 6 years. Josi is a longtime member of the Directors Guild of America, has either produced, managed or directed over 60 feature films. His directorial debut was Freddy Of The Jungle shot in 1980 and his latest production was National Lampoons Cattle Call (2007) released in the US by Lionsgate. Fluent in Spanish and Italian, Josi entered the film industry as an Assistant Director, then Production Manager and worked his way to become a Writer, Director and Producer. His experience ranges from studio pictures to independents.

On May 7, 1987 Xavier Suarez, then Mayor of the City of Miami, proclaimed that date as "Josi W. Konski Day" for his community work. Josi is also a longtime member of the Writers Guild of America West and has inked many screenplays.

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