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The Josiah Macy Jr. Foundation
Founded 1930
Founder Kate Macy Ladd
Area served
Medical Education

The Josiah Macy Jr. Foundation, or Macy Foundation, is a philanthropic foundation founded in 1930 by Kate Macy Ladd (1863–1945) in honor of her father, Josiah W. Macy Jr. The current president is George E. Thibault, MD.

As the only national foundation dedicated to improving the training of medical professionals, Macy's grantmaking is focused on initiatives that:

• Support interprofessional education and teamwork among medical professionals;

• Develop new curriculum content;

• Develop new models for clinical education;

• Increase education for the care of underrepresented minorities; and

• Expand education for the care of underserved people

The Foundation frequently hosts conferences and briefings that convene experts and leaders in the area of medical education. The Macy Foundation became internationally known for the support of the Macy conferences starting in the late 1940s : a series of interdisciplinary meetings of scientists, which played an important role in the foundation of cybernetics.[1]

The Macy Faculty Scholars Program[edit]

Launched in December 2010, the Foundation's Scholar Program selects up to five early- to mid-career nursing and medicine faculty to pursue educational reforms at their home institutions over a two-year period. Each Scholar receives $100,000 each year over the two years. They also receive career development opportunities, including access to a National Advisory Committee and the national network of Scholars.

Each Scholar must be nominated by the Dean of their home institution and commit to protecting at least 50 percent of their time to pursue their educational reform work. Each school may only nominate one candidate each year, and is also expected to provide a senior faculty member to mentor the Scholar.

The Macy Faculty Scholar Program aims to foster innovation and accelerate needed reforms in health professions education and nurture the next generation of leaders in the field of medicine.

History of the Josiah Macy Jr. Foundation[edit]

Since 1930, the Josiah Macy Jr. Foundation has worked to improve health care in the United States. Founded by Kate Macy Ladd in memory of her father, prominent philanthropist Josiah Macy Jr., the Foundation originally focused its initiatives on medical research. It was not until the 1950s that Macy began to focus on medical education as a means for improving health care.

Since the mid-1970s, the overwhelming majority of the Foundation’s grants have supported projects that broaden and improve health professional education. Today it is the only national foundation solely dedicated to improving the education of health professionals.


George E. Thibault, MD became the seventh president of the Josiah Macy Jr. Foundation in January 2008.

Dr. Thibault previously served as Vice President of Clinical Affairs at Partners Healthcare System in Boston and Director of the Academy at Harvard Medical School. Prior to that, he served as Chief Medical Officer at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Chief of Medicine at the Harvard affiliated Brockton/West Roxbury VA Hospital. He has also served as Associate Chief of Medicine and Director of the Internal Medical Residency Program at the Massachusetts General Hospital. At the Massachusetts General Hospital he was also Director of the Medical ICU and the Founding Director of the Medical Practice Evaluation Unit.

For nearly four decades at HMS, Dr. Thibault played leadership roles in many aspects of undergraduate and graduate medical education. He played a central role in the New Pathway Curriculum reform and was a leader in the new Integrated Curriculum reform at HMS. He was the Founding Director of the Academy at HMS, which was created to recognize outstanding teachers and to promote innovations in medical education.

Dr. Thibault graduated summa cum laude from Georgetown University in 1965 and magna cum laude from Harvard Medical School in 1969. He completed his internship and residency in Medicine and fellowship in Cardiology at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH). He also trained in Cardiology at the National Heart and Lung Institute in Bethesda and at Guys Hospital in London.

Past presidents of the Josiah Macy Jr. Foundation include:

• June E. Osborn, MD: 1996–2007

• Thomas H. Meikle Jr., MD: 1987–1996

• James G. Hirsch, MD: 1980–1987

• John Z. Bowers, MD: 1965–1980

• Willard C. Rappleye, MD: 1941–1965

• Ludwig Kast, MD: 1930–1941

Among the former administrators, board members and trustees of the Foundations have been Frank Fremont-Smith, Charles B. Finch and Alexander Gordon Bearn. Current and recent board members include David Blumenthal and Harvey Fineberg.

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