Josip Horvat Međimurec

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Josip Horvat Međimurec
Josip Horvat 1941.jpg
Josip Horvat Međimurec in front of his picture "King Tomislav at throne", newspaper photography from February 1941.
Born 18 February 1904
Čakovec, Croatia, Austria-Hungary
Died 2 June 1945
Zagreb(?), (executed
without trial,
grave unknown)
Nationality Croatian
Known for Painter
Notable work Coronation of king Tomislav,
King Tomislav at throne,
Decease of Petar Svačić - battle below Gvozd,
Petar Kružić defeats the Turkish army
Patron(s) Antun Ullrich

Josip Horvat (Croatian pronunciation: [jǒsip xǒrʋat medʑimǔːrets]) (18 February 1904 – 2 June 1945 in Zagreb(?)), born in Čakovec, was a Croatian painter.

Horvat was born to Dragutin and Marija Horvat in Čakovec. He attended Elementary school in Čakovec, and grade school in Nagykanizsa and Pest. He then attended the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna from 1917 to 1923.

Life and work[edit]

He started working in Zagreb in 1924, supported by the patron Antun Ullrich, and worked there until his death, shortly after the Second World War. Having been accused of collaboration with authorities of the Independent State of Croatia, he was executed by the Yugoslav Partisans, without trial.[citation needed] The place of his burial is unknown.

Andrija Maurović 7 August 1945 testimony of Josip Horvat and humane work of Josip Horvat, but was too late because he already killed Josip Horvat. During communist rule was suppressed.

Josip Horvat illustrated following books:

  • Dragutin Nemet: "Prince Zoran"
  • Mark Šeparović: "Croatian history grandfather granddaughter"
  • Milutin Majer: "Tatars in Croatia"

He also illustrated novels Marija Jurić Zagorka coming out in installments in Jutarnji list 1929 to 1931.


  • Art Pavilion in Zagreb 16.-30. XI. 1928.;
  • Drawing room Ullrich 25. XI. – 4. XII. 1936.;
  • Drawing room Ullrich 16.-28. II. 1941.;
  • Strossmayerova galerija 22. VII. – 11. VIII. 1942 "Pictorial impressions from battlefield";
  • Art Pavilion in Zagreb 22. XI. – 13. XII. 1942. "II Exhibitions croatian arts in the Independent State of Croatia";
  • Art Pavilion in Zagreb 10. – 31. X. 1943. "III Exhibitions croatian arts in the Independent State of Croatia";
  • Art Pavilion in Zagreb 17. VI. – 9. VII. 1944. "IV Exhibitions croatian arts in the Independent State of Croatia".

Exhibitions after death[edit]

  • Historical painting in Croatia", Zagreb 1969. (Picture "Coronation of Croatian king Tomislav", 1938., Croatian Historical Museum)
  • Towns and countryside on pictures and drawing from 1800. to 1940", Zagreb 1977. (Picture "Old Town Sisak", 1944. Study for picture overview battle with Sisak, Croatian Historical Museum)

Selected works[edit]

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