Josip Predavec

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Josip Predavec

Josip Predavec (1 July 1884 in Rugvica – 14 July 1933 in Dugo Selo) was a Croatian politician, vice-president of the Croatian Peasant Party, who was assassinated in 1933.

In 1929 Predavec was serving as vice-president of the Croatian Peasant Party. On January 6, King Alexander proclaimed a royal dictatorship which banned the activities of political parties such as the Peasant. Soon after, Predavec was put on a show trial for the bankruptcy of the Peasant Collective Bank.[1] At the trial he was defended by Mile Budak. Predavec was found guilty and sentenced to two and a half years in jail.[1]

He was killed at his estate in Dugo Selo in an assassination on July 14, 1933. His body was interred at the Croatian Peasant Party's arcade in Mirogoj Cemetery, where the remains of representatives assassinated in the National Assembly lie (Stjepan Radić, Pavle Radić and Đuro Basariček).[1]