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Jostein Hasselgård (born 24 March 1979) was the winner of Norway's national pre-selection for the Eurovision Song Contest and he won Norway a fourth place in the finals of the Eurovision Song Contest 2003 with the ballad "I'm Not Afraid To Move On".[1]

Hasselgård comes from Norway's sixth largest city, Fredrikstad which has more than 60,000 inhabitants and lies 90 km south-east of Oslo, close to the border with Sweden. He started to play the piano when he was six years old and has trained in several musical genres. Following his achievement in 2003 Hasselgård sang at various concerts in the southeastern part of Norway. His home page indicates that his career as an entertainment artist has been uneventful since 2004.

He has studied at the Norwegian Academy of Music in Oslo to focus and also worked full-time as a kindergarten teacher.

In 2006, Jostein and his band Hasselgård, released an album called A few Words.[2]


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