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Joumana Haddad (Arabic: جمانة حداد‎) (born Salloum; December 6, 1970 in Beirut) is a Lebanese author, public speaker, journalist and women's rights activist.[1] She has been selected as one of the world’s 100 most powerful Arab women for four years in a row by Arabian Business Magazine (she came in position 34 in 2017), for her cultural and social activism.[2] She is founder of Jasad, a quarterly Arabic-language magazine. Haddad launched a new program in November 2018 on Alhurra highlighting the topics of free expression and critical thinking.[3]


She's been the cultural editor of Samira newspaper, where she worked between 1997 and 2017. Joumana Haddad is on the Board[4] of Advisors of MARCH Lebanon (an NGO fighting censorship and raising awareness about the right to free expression).

In 2009, she co-wrote and acted in a movie by Lebanese filmmaker Jocelyne Saab ("What's going on?").[5]

In October 2009, she has been chosen as one of the 39 most interesting Arab writers under 39.[6]

In November 2009, she won the International Prize North South for poetry, of the Pescarabruzzo Foundation in Italy.[7] The winner of the novel prize was Austrian writer Peter Handke.

In February 2010, she won the Blue Metropolis Al Majidi Ibn Dhaher Arab Literary Prize[8]

In August 2010, she received the Rodolfo Gentili Prize in Porto Recanati, Italy.[9]

In November 2012, she received the Cutuli Prize for journalism in Catania, Italy.[10]

In July 2013, she was appointed honorary ambassador for culture and human rights for the city of Naples in the Mediterranean by the mayor of Naples Luigi de Magistris.[11]

In February 2014, she was awarded the "Career Poetry Prize" by the Archicultura Foundation in Acquiterme, Italy.[12]

Haddad's magazine is the feature of a 2013 film by Amanda Homsi-Ottosson, Jasad & The Queen of Contradictions, a Women Make Movies release.[13]

She ran for Lebanese parliamentary election in 2018, after she said that she won a seat in the parliament at the end of the election day. It turns out that she didn't win. She alleged that a fraud prevents her from reaching out the parliament and she will submit an appeal.[14]


Bibliography in Arabic[edit]

  • Invitation to a secret feast, poetry, (2008)
  • Two hands to the abyss, poetry, (2000)
  • I did not sin enough, selected poems, (2003)
  • Lilith's Return, poetry, (2004)
  • The panther hidden at the base of her shoulders, selected poems, (2006)
  • In the company of the fire thieves, Conversations with international writers, (2006)
  • Death will come and it will have your eyes, Anthology of 150 poets who committed suicide, (2007)
  • Bad habits, selected poems, (2007)
  • Mirrors of the passers by, poetry, (2008)
  • Geology of the I, poetry, (2012)[15]
  • Cages, theater, (2014)
Joumana Haddad on august 2007.JPG

Bibliography and translations of her books in English[edit]

  • Invitation to a Secret Feast, poetry, 2008, Tupelo Press, Vermont, USA.
  • Madinah, city stories from the Middle East, anthology, 2008, "Comma Press", Manchester, UK.[16]
  • I Killed Scheherazade, Essay, 2010, "Saqi Books", London, UK.[17] The book has been translated to French, Italian, Spanish, Danish, Portuguese, German, Dutch, Croatian, Norwegian, Romanian and Arabic.[18]
  • Superman is an Arab, Essay, 2012, "Westbourne Press", London, UK.[19] The book has been translated to French, Italian, Spanish, Croatian and Arabic.
  • The Third Sex, Essay, 2015, "Nawfal", Beirut, Lebanon.
  • The Seamstress' Daughter, Novel, 2018, "Nawfal", Beirut, Lebanon.[20]

Bibliography in Italian[edit]

  • Le sette vite di Luca, Children's literature, 2011, Mondadori Junior, Milan, Italy.[21]

Bibliography in Spanish[edit]

  • Allí donde el río se incendia, Antología poética, 2005, Ediciones De Aquí, Málaga, Espana, 2006, Fundación Editorial El Perro y la Rana, Caracas, Venezuela.

Bibliography in French[edit]

  • Le temps d'un rêve, Poésie, (1995)
  • Les amants ne devraient porter que des mocassins, littérature érotique, 2010, Editions Humus.[22]

Translations into other languages[edit]

Some of Joumana Haddad's books
  • Damit ich abreisen kann, 2005, Lisan Verlag, Basel, Switzerland.
  • Cuando me hice fruta, 2006, Monte Ávila Editores, Caracas, Venezuela.
  • El retorno de Lilith, 2007, Editorial Praxis, Mexico, Mexico/ 2010, Diputacion Provincial de Malaga, Mar Remoto, Spain.[23]
  • Le retour de Lilith, 2007, Editions L’Inventaire, Paris, France/ 2011, Editions Actes Sud, Paris, France.
  • Liliths Wiederkehr, 2008, Verlag Hans Schiler, Berlin, Germany.
  • Adrenalina, 2009, "Edizioni del Leone", Venice, Italy.[24]
  • Il ritorno di Lilith, 2010, "Edizioni l'Asino d'Oro", Rome, Italy.[25]
  • Lilits återkomst, 2010, Bokförlaget Tranan, Stockholm, Sweden.[26]
  • Espejos de las fugaces, 2010, "Vaso Roto ediciones", Mexico.[27]
  • Miroirs des passantes dans le songe, 2010, « Al Dante », Paris, France.[28]
  • Las siete vidas de Luca, Literatura infantil, 2011, Vaso Roto, México, México.[29]
  • Los amantes deberían llevar solo mocasines, Literatura erótica, 2011, Vaso Roto, México, México.[30]
• Am ucis-o pe Seherezada, Philobia, 2012, Bucharest, Romania

Personal life[edit]

Joumana was born into a conservative Syriac Orthodox family. Her mother is of Armenian extraction. She lives in Beirut with her two sons. She is a staunch atheist and critic of organised religion.[31][32][33][34][35]


She is against marriage as she described it as disastrous invention from the men to keep women under their rule.[36] However, She get married twice and had two boys from her first marriage.[37]

She is mostly atheist because after she studied all three monotheistic religions, she noticed that all of them are discriminative toward women.[38]

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