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JournalServer is an Oxford-based international initiative to create a digital library of academic journals freely available to the public. It involves the collaboration of several leading universities across the world.

As of May, 2007, there were 8 journals listed, of which only 5 had any actual content available. The website officially closed in 2009.

Background information[edit]

JournalServer assists peer-reviewed academic journals to be accessible free of cost, and to promote the use of these journals by the international community. The project objectives are:

  • to promote access to peer-reviewed journals by means of a digital library of scholarly publications freely available through the Internet.
  • to assist scholars and publishers from low and middle income countries in making the transition to electronic modes of publication and dissemination.
  • to strive to reduce the impact of the digital divide and the scholarly communication crisis.


The initiative was formed in the summer of 2001 with the support of the University of Oxford, BITS Pilani and the National Science Council of Taiwan, with seed-funding from the AIT Trust based in Imperial College London. is registered as a non-profit corporation in the state of New York since August 2002.


The search engine is being developed by a project team at Centre for Software Development, BITS Pilani, India.


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