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Journal de Téhéran was a French-language daily newspaper published from Teheran, Iran. The paper was in circulation between 1935 and 1979. It was the first non-Persian language newspaper published in the country.[1]

History and profile[edit]

Journal de Téhéran was founded in 1935. The first issue appeared on 15 March 1935.[2][3] It was published by Ettela'at Institution in Tehran.[3] As of 1937, its director was M. Massoudi (director of Ettela'at).[4]

The frequency of Journal de Téhéran was daily, but it was published triweekly in 1935.[3] It was given the Cup Emile de Girardin award for being the best foreign newspaper published in French both in 1963 and in 1970.[1] The paper ceased publication on 27 March 1979.[3]


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